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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 27th July 2020 Episode Shravan tries to leave for group studies at Suman’s house. Kavita, chachu, and Avni stop him and try to divert his attention with pampering and ordering pizza. Shravan says he will have pizza after group studies. On the other side, Anish and Devika provoke Dadaji who yell that he will make sure Shravan doesn’t attend class and if he attends, he will be forced to leave in 2 days, etc. Kavita yells that Suman must have manipulated his mind. Shravan says brigadier uncle saw fire in him, so he insisted to attend class. Devraj returns home. Kavita asks him to stop Shravan. Devraj says its Shravan’s wish whether he wants to attend class or not. Kavita finally agrees and lets Shravan go warning him not to get insulted by anyone. Daddu is confident that Shravan will not attend class and arranges TV monitor and black board in lawn. Suman eagerly waits for Shravan. Kanchan says her plan failed Shravan will not come. Daddu starts class. Shravan enters and says he will also attend his class. Suman and Kanchan get happy seeing him while Daddu, Anish, and Devika fume. Vijay with Anjali watches from balcony and smiles seeing Shravan. Devika and Anish smirk seeing no chair for Shravan. Shravan pulls study table and sits on it. Vijay tells Anjali that Shravan has unique qualities and will reach a high place soon. Anjali says he lacks discipine. Vijay says that is what he will teach Shravan, discipline. Kavita with chacha and chachi watches from their lawn and fumes that army family doesn’t have any values, they are making him sit on table.

Vijay takes over class and greets everyone. All students greet him. Vijay asks to introduce themselves. All students boast about their army family while Shravan describes about his skills and talents. Vijay says everyone’s intro was good, but Shravan’s was best. He describes in army individual character, discipline, and bravery matters than family lineage. Anish asks what about family then. Vijay says they do matter, but personal qualities matter most and he will start the class at sharp 5 a.m. tomorrow and he will give points for each activity. All students say right sir. Shravan asks if individual character matter, then why teacher asked him about his papa and why didn’t he ask about mamma. Anish and Devika smirk seeing Vijay serious. Vijay says sharp 5 a.m. and leaves. Suman gets impressed by Shravan. Shravan and Anish clash. Suman interferes, and Anish leaves. Shravan tells her brigadier uncle praised him. Suman says instead of trying to impress other, he should concentrate on learning in class. He says he should trust her. She says they will meet at 5 a.m. sharp and tries to leave. He holds her hand. She signals what? He leaves her hand and requests her to wake him up at 5 a.m. tomorrow. She asks to set alarm. He says he can’t and Avni wakes him up daily. She says she can’t help and leaves.

During dinner at night, Shravan and chachu nick daddu as badtameez budhau/BB and describes how Vijay praises him and how good he is. On the other side, Suman tells Vijay that Devraj uncle trusts him so much that he sent Shravan for group studies. Anjali says its true as they are friends since ages. Kavita fumes that Vijay let Shravan stand for long. Shravan says Vijay sees spark in him and wants to teach him discipline, but for that he has to attend class at 5 a.m. early morning and requests everyone to wake him up. He requests Avni, but she is enjoying holiday and can’t help him. Chachu says he will wake him up. Shravan thanks him and leaves. Kavita asks chachu if he doesn’t want to teach budhau a lesson. Chachu says Shravan’s studies are important than revenge. Kavita says he is right.

Kanchan challenges Suman that Shravan will not attend class tomorrow and if he does, she will give her favorite sandals. Suman hopes Shravan attends class on time.


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Kavita goes to wake up Shravan, but doesn’t find him on bed. Suman fumes when he doesn’t attend class. Kavita calls Bunty and informs that he is found no where at home. Shravan is seen sleeping in his car.

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Telecast Date:27th July 2020
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