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Devraj returns home fuming. Kavita asks if she should prepare paneer kofta for dinner. He angrily says she can prepare whatever she likes, but he needs a cup of tea right now. Maid Jhumri says she thought he likes Dagdu’s tea. Kavita asks what happened at Colonel’s house. Devraj remembers his and Vijay’s verbal argument and walks to his room angrily. Kavita asks Jhumri to prepare tea soon. Vijay sits sipping liquor. Shravan walks to him and asks if something happened between him and Vijay. Vijay scolds him not to interfere between 2 friends and says they are friends since Vijay didn’t have army badge and he didn’t have 2 rs in pocket, since childhood, and will solve their issues themselves. Shravan walks away. Kavita walks in next and asks him to tell what really happened and she is not Shravan to be shoo’d away. He says he told Vijay that god give him free time away from army to relax with his family and friends. Kavita says what is wrong in it. Devraj asks how will they feel if they both are separated, similarly for an army man, army is life and Vijay reached his destiny via hard work and cannot live without army, he is very hurt. Shravan hears their conversation standing outside. Kavita says he scolded Shravan unncessarily. Devraj says he should not have, but kids shouldn’t interfere between elders.

At Suman’s house, Vijay sits fuming watching TV with family. Damru brings tea for daddu and says dinner will be late tonight as Beena has gone out. Daadu fumes and asks if they will have late night dinner and will be undisciplined like civilian neighbors. Damru says nothing will happen if they have dinner late for 1 day. Vijay angrily scolds him loudly. Family looks shocked seeing this. Beena returns home and prepares dinner while Kanchan munches snacks. Ramesh asks her to have proper food, else daddu will taunt her that she is unfit like him. Beema asks Anjali what happened to Vijay. Anjali says Vijay is hurt as he has to stay away from army for some more time and he failed physical fitness test. Ramesh says Vijay worked hard to get into army. Anjali says hurt Vijay must have scolded Devraj. Suman thinks she should try to patch their friendship.

Shravan also thinks same and over phone discusses whole issue with Bunty and asks him for solution. He sees a blanket draped man walking towards Suman’s house like a thief and calls Suman, but Suman doesn’t pick call. He silently jumps into Suman’s lawn and follows the person. Suman walks to balcony to call back Shravan when she sees him walking into her house silently. Vijay follows person into kitchen and tries to hit him with show piece when he turns and reveals he is Damroo. Suman also reaches there. Damroo says he didn’t have dinner when daddu scolded him and fearing daddu, he went out to have dinner, but didn’t find anything, so he came into kitchen silently. Suman serves him food and tells Shravan that they need to something to patch up Vijay and Devraj’s friendship. Vijay says she has become intelligent like him. She says she is and asks him a plan. He says they should puncture Vijay or Devraj’s car tyre so that they could help each other. Suman agrees and says papa is going to cantonment tomorrow and Shravan says his papa is going to office. Suman says he should puncture Devraj’s car tyre. Shravan says he will be trashed, so Suman should puncture Vijay’s jeep tyre as nobody would doubt her. She disagrees. Next morning, both Vijay and Devraj leave in their vehicles, but Devraj’s car punctures. Shravan smiles looking at Suman. Devraj tries to replace car tyre. Vijay walks towards him and offers lift. Vijay says he doesn’t need any help after yesterday’s incident. Vijay insists to take his assistant Sanjay’s help. Even Shravan says same. Devraj scolds Shravan loudly. Suman says a friend should help another friend. Devraj injures his hand. Vijay rushes to his help and asks Sanjay to get first-aid box, but his brother comes out and forcefully takes him in. Suman and Shravan stand disappointed.


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 22nd July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Shravan tells Bunty that he needs Suman back with him at any cost. Bunty says Suman will not change rules. Shravan calls Suman and says he obeyed her last time and now she should obey him this time. She messages him later to attend group studies with her if he wants. He gets happy and tries to leave, but stops when Devraj asks where is he going.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2020
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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