Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update


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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 15th September 2020 Daddu continues insulting and yelling at Rajender and Shravan and threatens to call police. Shavan pleads not to call police and requests Vijay to stop Daddu, but Vijay says he tried and can’t help. Shravan reauests for Devraj’s and his friend’s sake. Vijay says Devraj hasn’t spared their friendship, so he will can’t help. Daddu picks his mobile. Shravan holds his feet and pleads, but Daddu as usual arrogantly calls police. Police with doctor reaches and taking Rajender’s blood samples asks his license. Rajender says its with his wife Ragini. Inspector leaves saying he is seizing Rajender’s vehicle and Rajender has to visit police station soon. Daddu continues his arrogance. Suman asks Shravan to let him speak to Daddu. Shravan says he cannot see her being insulted, so she shouldn’t. Rajender confronts Daddu that he is fine and nothing happened to him, then why is he creating issue. Daddu yells if she should have died and continues that he is a drain worm. Rajender says he should have killed Daddu. Vijay slaps Rajender and he falls down. Daddu yells to take out this garbage. Shravan takes Rajender out. Vijay orders Damroo to lock the doors. Shravan takes Rajender home. Family rushes to them and Devraj seeing police asks what happened. Shavan says let us go in first. Devraj insists to tell what happened. Rajender says he is inebriated and rammed his car at Vijay’s gate, Daddu fell down unharmed and filed police complained, even Vijay slapped him. Ragini and Bunty take Rajender in. Devraj fumes hearing that and asks Shravan why didn’t he confront Vijay and Daddu and why didn’t he call him at least. Shravan says Vijay is his friend, so he din’t want to spoil their friendship. Devraj says their friendship has ended today and asks why is he supporting Vijay. Shravan says he was controlling Rajender and didn’t have any option, Devraj should ask Rajender when he gets sober.

Suman feels sad that Shravan was pleading Daddu and was teary eyed, but Daddu arrogantly didn’t pay a heed and called police. Kanchan says even she felt bad for Shravan. Suman calls Shravan and asks why did he plead so much, she doesn’t like his bent head and wants his head straight in pride always. Shravan also gets emotional and asks her to stop crying. They both share emotional bond and concern for each other.

Next morning, Devraj asks Rajender to describe whole incident and scolds him for driving while inebriated. Rajender describes whole incident and how Daddu and Vijay slapped him and filed police complaint. Devraj gets angry and says he will not tolerate their nonsense again, how dare they are to slap Rajender. Kavita asks him to calm down as Vijay is his friend. Devraj says Vijay is not his friend hereon and warns family to dare not visit Vijay’s house and end all the ties with them. Shravan walks down to attend class and hears their conversation. Devraj orders him not to attend class.

Suman waits for Shravan in class and doesn’t let classmate it on Shravan’s seat. Vijay greets class. Anish says Shravan hasn’t come yet. Daddu says its better he doesn’t come and orders Damroo to not let Shravan in, else he will punish Shravan like his uncle. Suman sees Shravan standing in his garden and looking at her. They both get teary eyed emotionally. Kanchan notices them. Vijay starts class and asks Suman where is she looking at. Suman nervously says she is listening. Vijay sees Shravan standing.


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Shravan tells Suman that his father was very angry and warned to not visit her house. Suman says they tried to unite both fathers, how will she stay without seeing or speaking to him. She falls asleep resting on his shoulder.

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Telecast Date:15th September 2020
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