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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 11th February 2020 Episode Start WithKanchan gets ready for army function and asks her to get ready soon. Suman walks out wearing NCC uniform. Kanchan says they are going for a function and not army parade. Suman says looks like she is going for a fashion show. Kanchan says she is not less than a model and says army function is like a hunting ground and she can’t miss the chance.

Suman says she is getting a chance to see her papa receiving medal and wants to salute her papa when he receive medal, let us go now. Shravan’s father gets ready for army function and tells wife that his brother would be impressed to see how much Colonel saheb loves him. Wife says he is acting as if devi will emerge there. Father asks why is she getting angry, though this new house is small, his business is with army and Shravan will learn discipline being among army people. He calls Shravan to come soon. Shravan walks to him and asks him to go as he will finish his work and will reach army function directly. Father scolds. Mother handles situation and takes him along. Shravan thinks where did he lose his match ticket.

Suman’s mother Anjali corrects medals on father Vijay’s dress and says he will get one more medal. He gives her credit for his success and asks if she doesn’t have any complaint. She says he is her pride and commanding officer, he should handle the nation while she handles their family. He romantically hugs her. Suman walks in and alerting them by coughing says everyone are ready, they are all proud of him. He thanks her. Family walks out and Vijay gets into army jeep opening door for Anjali first. Veena praises their romance and asks Rajesh when will he pull chair and open door for her. He says if he does, she may fall down. Vijay asks Rajesh to sit with him in jeep. Rajesh tells Veena that though he is not from army, his brother is.

Shravan’s father and mother reach army function venue. Mother asks where will they sit among army people. Father shows army men with whom his contract files are held. Shravan also reaches venue, Bunty calls him and informs that he couldn’t find ticket yet. Shravan goes and sit in army area. Suman walks to him and identifying him asks to go and sit in civilian area. Shravan asks if this chair is in border. Suman calls army officer and asks him to show seat to civilian. Officer takes Shravan along. Father seeing Shravan with officer asks what happened. Officer says he was sitting in army area. Father meets Vijay and introduces Shravan to him.

Vijay says Shravan has grown up. Vijay takes father, mother, and Shravan along and makes them sit in army area. Father shows Suman and says she is Colonel’s daughter. Shravan gets tensed. Officer announces Shravan’s bike’s number and asks to remove it from army parking area. Shravan says its his bike. Suman shows him match ticket. Shravan walks away. Bunty calls Shravan and informs that he couldn’t find ticket. Shravan says its with papa’s friend Colonel Vijay’s arrogant daughter who followed him the other day. Bunty encourages him to use his tricks and get back his ticket.

Host announces officers’ names who are receiving medals and calls Vijay’s name. Shravan returns and tries to steal ticket from Suman’s bag. Suman notices and pulls her bag. Shravan falls in front of Daadu. Daadu identifies him and asks what is Malhotra regiment doing here. Suman thinks Shravan is gone now. Father apologizes daadu and everyone and takes Shravan along.


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 12th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Daadu informs Shravan’s father what Shravan did.Father asks Suman if Shravan will learn discipline if he is admitted into army school.

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Telecast Date: 11th February 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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