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Durga 7th January 2021 Durga does pooja with the priest and Kishore.

Dev starts leaving the house with Alok and Ayush. They hide from Amresh. Dev asks Tara if she is coming too? Tara says you go with Alok, I will come with Ayush. They come in the lounge to see Nimu coming there so they hide. Tara goes to her and asks for a painkiller. Nimu goes to bring it. She starts leaving so Dev runs away from there with Alok and Ayush.

Alok asks Tara and Ayush to take care of things. He leaves with Dev. Dev is thinking they are going for a picnic.

The priest blesses Durga. Shehal comes there and says why did you come here? The priest asks him to calm down. Shehal says you called her here at a night time when you know tomorrow is her roka. Shehal says you want me trust you? The priest asks him to trust Mata Rani, we are just following her. Santosh asks what is this pooja for? The priest says we are doing this to unite Durga and Dev. Shehal says my daughter is no Devi, he starts to hold her arm but he feels some power pulling away from Durga, he is stunned.

Scene 2
In the morning, Nitu tells Damini that Dev’s room is open and he is not there. He ran away. She comes to his room and asks her to call all the family members.

Santosh asks Durga to get ready for your roka, the weather is bad so we will do it early. Durga prays to get out of this mess.

Damini calls everyone in the lounge, she asks where is Alok? Tara says I don’t know, I was in my room. Ayush says where would he go without telling us? Damini looks on.

Dev arrives in Durga’s village with Alok. He feels her presence. The rain storm is coming. Alok says I will ask where mandir is. Dev says I know where it is, Alok is stunned.

The roka starts, Durga is sitting in her room and feeling Dev’s presence. Santosh asks her to get ready.

Damini asks the family members to tell her where Alok is otherwise no one will be safe. Alok calls Damini, she asks where is Dev? He says Dev is with me, I have brought him to a mandir. Damini says you didn’t ask me. Alok says don’t worry we will come back in a day or two. He ends the call and turns off his phone. Damini is angry and says he took Dev to his village to get Mata’s blessings.

Kishore is waiting for Alok and Dev to come, he can’t connect with them.

Shehal calls Durga. Durga comes to sit with the guests. She is tensed. Otherside Dev enters the mandi and she can feel him nearby. Durga sits with Sunny, the roka starts but Durga says stop, I can’t do this roka as someone else is made for me, he is here and I will marry him only. Shehal asks what joke is this? Durga says I have to go. Shehal stops her and asks her to sit down, you are going to marry Sunny only. Durga pushes his hand away and runs. Shehal looks on.

Alok enters the mandir with Dev. He looks around for Kishore and asks Dev to stand there. He leaves. Dev looks at Mata Rani. Durga comes running there, she looks around but doesn’t see Dev.


Durga 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Durga meets Dev and they hold hands. They smile at each other.Damini meets Durga in a market, she asks what’s her name? she says Durga. Damini asks if she is getting married? Durga says yes, his name is Dev. Damini looks on and says I am Damini.

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Telecast Date:7th January 2021
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