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Durga 5th January 2021 Durga calls Dev and says hello.. he doesn’t answer her so she gives the phone back to Kishore. Damini comes there and asks who is he talking to? Tara gets tensed. Damini asks Geeto to go to Dev’s room and give him food. Kishore ends the call and tells Durga that he must have heard you. Shehal and Santosh come there and asks for a roka date from the priest. The priest says day after tomorrow is a good day, he asks Durga to trust Mata. Durga’s family leaves with her. Kishore looks on and asks the priest why he didn’t say anything? The priest says Mata rain will show us the path. Kishore thinks I have to call Alok.

Batra asks Alok why Damini is getting Dev married? Alok says it must be related to that will but I want to know what’s written in the will? Damini didn’t tell me anything, you know I lost Ayush’s mother and then Damini came in my life, married me and then started taking over my life, started controlling us all. You know my brother made all this, he worked on the business but the good thing was that he wrote a will. Batra says Dev’s father Avinash gave all his property to Dev but if something happens to Dev then it will go to the orphanage but if Dev gets married and something happens to him then his wife will get everything. It means we have to stop this wedding at any cost if we want to protect Dev.

Dev takes off his coat and recalls Durga’s voice. He starts making her sketch again. Geeto comes there and says I have brought dinner for you, let’s have it together. Dev ignores her, she stops him from making a sketch. Dev says I don’t need you, go away from here I need Kishore kaka. He pushes her away but Damino comes there and Dev mistakenly slaps her. Damini glares at her and says how dare you touch me? Dev says it was a mistake. Damini shouts that you made that sketch again? Who is this girl? Dev says I don’t know. Damini says you are going crazy each day. I will not spare you today. She locks the door, Geeto is there too. Dev cries but Damini takes out a hunter and says how dare you raise your hand on me? Starts beating him, he cries in pain and otherside Durga feels his pain, she cries for him. Dev falls down in pain. Damini starts leaving. Geeto says you want me to marry this crazy guy? If you want me to marry him then you have to promise us. Damini says come with me. She opens the door and leaves. All family members rush to Dev, they put him on the bed. Tara cries and says mom will have to answer for this. Ayush says don’t do it, she will take out on him more.Tara comes to Alok and says Damini beat Dev a lot. Alok says I want to talk to you.

In the morning, Geeto and Mitu come there. Geeto says we will stay here from now on. Ketki looks on.

Santosh comes to Durga’s room and sees her lying on the floor, she asks what happened? She looks at the marks on her body. Durga says I felt someone was beating me. Santosh hugs her and thinks if her dreams are real?

Amresh asks Damini what she is thinking? Damini says Geeto is what I needed, I will become the owner of this priority.


Durga 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Alok tells Tara and Ayush that Dev’s painting girl Durga lives in a village, we have to go there and meet her. Durga asks Kishore if Dev was fine? I felt his pain yesterday. Kishore says you feel his pain so I know you will protect him in that house.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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