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Durga 4th February 2021 Damini tells Durga that I will do everything that is right for you and Dev from now on even if you don’t trust me.

Damini brings everyone in the lounge. All look on. Damini says I have always taken all the decisions for this family but from now on Durga will take all the decisions for this family. All are shocked. Ayush asks Tara what she is up to? Damini gives the house keys to Durga and asks her to take care of her responsibility. Nitu is stunned. Ketki thinks what’s wrong with her? Durga tells Damini that I don’t deserve this. Damini says I am sure you are capable and ready to take this responsibility, I am requesting you as a mother. Durga thinks maybe Damini really changed for the better. Damini hugs her and Durga smiles.

Tara is applying mehndi to Durga and thanks to her for coming into Dev’s life. Dev comes there and sees Durga writing his name on her hand. Dev asks Tara to write Durga’s name on his hand, she does. Damini brings wedding clothes for them.

Dev comes to Durga and says I don’t want to sign marriage, I want to take pheras with you. Durga thinks he gets scared of the fire. Durga says it doesn’t matter how we marry when we have accepted each other from the heart. Dev says but I wanted pheras wedding. Durga brings a pot and starts taking pheras with him around it. They complete pheras and hug each other.

Scene 2
All are at the wedding. Ketki tells Nitu that you are not tensed about Durga getting the house keys? Nitu says I am trying to forget it. Damini comes there and tells Nitu to take care of the guests. Batra comes there and greets Damini. He says it’s good to see happiness back in the house. Damini says I will protect my Dev, I have understood that humans don’t take anything back from this world. This all is of Dev only. She thanks Batra for being a care-taker of Dev for many years.

Dev and Durga come in the mandap as groom and bride. All smile seeing them. Damini smirks and looks at the door. She opens the door to see Chogmaya standing there. The flashback shows Chogmaya telling Damini that Durga is not a common girl so it’s better you accept that you can’t mess with Durga. Damini told her that you want me to lose to that girl? Chogmaya says I am asking you to not do anything. You will get Dev, wealth and everything but I want that Durga. I will enter your house at their wedding, I will take Durga away from your house. Durga is my item in your house. Everyone should believe that you are on Durga’s side now. Damini nods and leaves. The flashback ends.

Chogmaya enters the house. All look on.


Durga 5th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chogmaya makes Durga faint and send her somewhere else. Durga wakes up in a village and asks a girl about the time, the girl says it’s 1950. Chogmaya tells Damini that I have sent Durga 70 years back so she can’t stop you now.

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Telecast Date:4th February 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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