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Durga 29th January 2021 Durga comes into the jungle. she looks at the map and is confused. Durga tries to go ahead but gets stopped by an invisible wall. She looks around and says I can try another way. She prays to Mata to help her and she is able to pass the wall. Durga says why I was not able to cross the other path? Suddenly winds blow and she sees a note coming her way which says who are you?

The priest tells Ambika that Durga is a kid, why did you send her for such a difficult exam. Ambika says if she passes that exam, she will get the water which can bring the dead back. She will pass three stages. The first stage is about patience and balance.

Durga looks around in the jungle. She tries to answer the question and I am no one. Suddenly she gets sucked from the wall and she sees snakes all around her. Durga says I have to pass from here, I can’t lose patience and balance. Durga starts jumping away from the snakes. She is about to fall down but passes that path. She comes near the clearing but gets pulled back again. She sees trees closing in on her. Durga skids from there and gets sucked in another place.

Durga thanks Mata Rani and asks her to show her the path. Durga recalls how the priest asked her to not get sucked in the jungle.

Scene 2
Chogmaya tells Damini that Durga was able to cross the first test. How could she?

Durga is trying to go through the jungle but gets stopped by the wall again. A note is sent to her. The question is about her religion. Durga says it is what our souls accept, we make our own religion. She gets sucked in another passage and reaches somewhere in the jungle.

Durga looks around and gets attacked by someone but she can’t see anyone around. She turns around and sees a giant warrior kind of a man with a sword. He says I am Kaalyudha. You have to end it to pass this stage. He gives her a sword and says kill me before I kill you. Durga says I can’t do that, I just want to save my husband. Kaal says one of has to die, I am here to protect this stage of the jungle, if you want to go ahead then you have to kill me. Don’t forget that your husband’s life is dependent on it. He starts attacking her and says you will have to die. Durga tries to lift the sword but can’t. Kaal laughs and says you will fight with me? Durga sits on her knees and begs him. Kaal says you are a coward so I will head you. He is about to attack her.


Durga 30th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Durga finds the well in the jungle and starts going there but she has to cross a bridge. She falls down a bridge and a girl comes there. The girl says I am here to finish you. She starts cutting the ropes of the makeshift bridge. Durga is about to fall down and says I can die for my husband.

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Telecast Date:29th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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