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Durga 19th January 2021 In the morning, Durga wakes up on the porch of the house and prays for Dev and her family.
In the house, Nimu is taking out the trash. Nitu tells her to throw it on the porch. She smirks.
Nimu comes and throws trash in front of Durga. Druga can’t bear the smell. She cleans it and throws in the trashcan. Kabir’s ball rolls in her feet. She takes it and finds some fruits inside it. Kabir smiles at her from the door, she reads that Dev has sent it. Durga gets surprised and writes that she wants to meet DEv. She puts the chit in the ball and gives it back to Kabir. He tries to catch it but Damini comes there so he hides. Durga looks away. Geeto comes there and asks if she will get married to Dev? Damini says no one can ask me questions here, you got your money so be happy with that. I will clarify everything in 4 days. Kabir takes the ball and reads Durga’s chit that she wants his help in meeting Dev.
Amresh calls Damini and says there will be a blast in the house soon. Damini smirks.

Kabir comes to Dev and whispers that Durga wants to meet you.

Outside the house, Durga prays to meet Dev once. She feels someone coming there and thinks my husband had to come to meet me, Dev I am happy. She turns around to see Sunny coming there. He says I am your husband and I am here to take you away. Durga screams to leave her. The family comes there, Damini asks if her lovers will come here too? Sunny says I am her husband. Nitu says she was lying about Dev then? Durga says he is not my husband. Samarth says she is such a cheap girl, lying because of money, he asks her to get lost with her real husband Sunny. Ayush calls Batra. Durga says Sunny is lying, Mata Rani knows that he is not my husband. Sunny laughs and says you have started lying? Durga says what prove you have? Sunny says you are so greedy that you are lying because of money? Durga says you are lying. Sunny says I have proof. He gives their wedding photos to the family. He gives a photo to Dev too. Durga is stunned to see herself standing as a bride with Sunny in the picture. She is stunned and says he is lying, we never married. Dev gets angry and starts leaving from there. Durga says if this the test of my truth then I will give that test. She asks Sunny that if you are my husband then fill my forehead with sindoor right now. Dev is stunned to hear that. Sunny thinks this will benefit me, I can fill her forehead. Batra comes there too. Nitu brings the sindoor. Dev recalls how he had filled her forehead with sindoor. Sunny is about to fill her forehead with sindoor but Dev stops him just in time. All are stunned. Dev glares at Sunny and says you can’t fill her forehead. Sunny says she is my wife, he is about to slap him but Durga stands in front of him and says I will break your arm if you do it. Tara looks at the photo and tells Sunny that you didn’t protect your lie. She shows the wedding photo of some other couple on the internet and shows to the family that Sunny had morphed his and Durga’s face on that picture. All look on. Tara says anyone can morph these photos. Batra says I will call the police. Amresh says no need, he tells his guards to throw him out. Sunny leaves. All family members leave. Batra tells Durga that my heart wants to you trust you but my mind doesn’t want to believe you, I have seen love in your eyes for Dev. Where are you from? Durga says I am from a village, I used to see Dev in my dreams, then Kishore came there, Dev came there and we got married. Batra asks if her parents know you are here? She shakes her head. He asks her to call them. He gives her the phone. Durga calls her parents, Shehal takes the call and gets happy to hear her voice.


Durga 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Amresh sends a poisonous snake to Durga. Damini smirks and says she will die tonight. Durga sees the snake approaching her and screams Dev.

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Telecast Date:19th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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