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Durga 12th January 2021 Shehal says Durga will stay in the house till that mental Dev is here. They can fool her to marry her off with him. Durga says please don’t call him mental, I will marry Dev only. Shehal says you will talk against me now? I am telling you that you will not marry Dev. Durga says then there is no need for me to live this life. She purs kerosene on herself and lights fire around her but Shehal runs to her and saves her.

Alok is waiting for Kishore to com. Dev asks when will Durga come? Alok says soon.

Kishore is lying injured on the road. He murmurs that I have to reach Alok at any cost. Damini is here. He prays for strength.

Damini is driving the car angrily. She says I will not spare Alok now. Someone will shed blood tears today.

Durga prays to Mata and says you want me to stay with Dev to protect him but my parents think he is crazy. He is no crazy, he needs me but I can’t go against my parents. Shehal comes there and says I am sorry, I didn’t understand your emotions or what Mata wants. I accept this proposal. Shehal says really? She hugs him.

Durga is in the market. She says I will tell Kishore about the marriage. Damini’s car arrives there. Durga sees that she is about to hit a fruit seller. Durga runs and saves him just in time. Damini stops the car and looks at Durga. She recalls how the note said that this girl will be the end of her. Damini gets down from her car and glares at Durga. Durga says if you don’t know how to drive a car then why do you? You could have killed him, do you know the value of a person? Damini says I am really sorry, I am not from this village. I will repay him. She asks Durga if she can take her to the mandir. Durga says okay.
Damini asks Durga what’s her name? She says Durga. Damini asks if she is married? Durga says no, I am getting married soon. Damini asks what’s his name? Durga says his name is Dev, he is from the city. Durga shows her the mandir and asks her name. Damini says my name is Damini. She leaves from there.

Scene 2
Durga is walking on the road when she sees Kishore lying on the side of the road and bleeding. She runs to him. Kishore says your and Dev’s life is in danger, promise me that you will take care of him? Durga says I promise. Kishore says our house owner is here and she is very dangerous, her name is Damini. Durga is stunned as she just met Damini.

Tara is calling Kishore but he is not picking the call.

Durga meets Alok and tells him that Kishore died. Alok is stunned and says we have to get you married to Dev now. I will bring your parents, you just go with Dev. They start leaving the house but the goons come there. They attack Alok, he asks Durga to take Dev from there. Durga runs away with Dev. Alok is fighting the goons. They hit on the head and go behind Dev and Durga.

Dev and Durga come to mandir. Durga thinks that we have to get married before Damini comes here, it’s the only way to save Dev. Durga tells Mata Rani that I will get married to Dev today only. She thinks that Dev gets scared of the red color. She takes sindoor in her hands. Durga tells Dev that I want to give you something but you have to close your eyes and put something on my forehead. Trust me and when I ask you to open your eyes then do it. Dev closes his eyes. Durga puts sindoor in his hand. Damini is driving to come here. Dev is about to put sindoor on Durga’s forehead but he sees the red color and throws it away, it fills Durga’s forehead. Damini arrives there and shoots Durga’s arm. Durga falls down. Dev is stunned.


Durga 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Damini tells Durga that you are going to leave this world now. She pushes Durga from the cliff. Dev runs there and cries for Durga.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
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