Jealousy (1992)


    Jealousy (1992)

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    Release Date : 1992-Jun-01 to 1992-Jul-21
    Picture Format : 576i (SDTV) 16:9, 1080p (HDTV)
    Running Time : Monday & Tuesday
    Episodes : 16
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    About Jealousy (1992)


    A 1992 TV drama series sparked romance, and also jealousy across Korea. Aired on MBC from June to July of 1992, the 16-episode TV drama “Jealousy (질투)” depicted the pure love, infused with a subtle sense of jealousy, of a young couple. The series answered the much asked question: “Is it possible for a man and woman who are ‘just friend’ to fall in love?” The show was based on the 1991 novel, “Long Shadow of My Love” by Yoon Myung-hye.

    The story revolves around two main characters — Ha Kyung and Young Ho — who are old college buddies and best friends. Ha Kyung lives together with her single mother who works as editor-in-chief at a magazine publishing house. Ha Kyung works for a travel agency. Her only joy in life is to hang out with her old buddy, Young Ho. Although they are long-term friends, their relationship teeters on the threshold of love and friendship.

    One day, Young Ho comes across a beautiful, intelligent and wealthy woman, named Young Ae, who runs a pizza restaurant, and he soon falls in love with her. When Ha Kyung realizes that Young Ho has feelings for someone else, she feels bouts of jealousy and realizes Young Ho is more than just a friend to her. She tries to suppress her sense of jealousy and decides to give up her feelings for him. She tells Young Ae, “Please care for him.”

    Ha Kyung also has a long-time secret crush on her middle-school tutor, Sang Hoon. She reunites with Sang Hoon, but soon finds out that he is a calculating perfectionist, which upsets and annoys her. Ha Kyung then realizes that her true love, Young Ho, had been right in front of her all along. He, too, feels that his friend and true love has always been Ha Kyung. The narrative comes to an end when Young Ho and Ha Kyung confess their love for one another and hug passionately.