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Doosri Maa 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Doosri Maa 29th September 2022 Episode starts with Yashoda talking to Abdul and says Mala had said that she had sent letter to Krishna’s father. She says Krishna doesn’t know about it and tells that Mala must have got it posted through ward boy or nurse. She asks him to go to hospital and enquire. Abdul says ok.

Ashok searches for the letter and tells Manoj that he was reading a case file, when he got the letter. He recalls and gets it. Manoj says he will burn it. Ashok says this is the only proof which connects Krishna and me. Manoj says so you don’t want to burn it. Ashok thinks of Yashoda and kids and gives letter to Manoj. Manoj holds the letter and burns it. Yashoda comes there.

And asks what they are burning. Manoj says a proof of a client. Yashoda asks how did you do it? Ashok says sometimes we have to do it. Manoj says he will leave. Yashoda asks about his wife Gayatri. Manoj says Doctor sahiba is good. Yashoda tells Ashok that their perception doesn’t match with each other.

He says I understand you, but. Yashoda says I know you don’t want family members to get upset with me, and says that’s why I will not search Krishna’s father. Ashok asks why did you change your heart? She says not at my family’s happiness. Ashok says you are going against your will and says I will not kill it.

He asks did you go and meet Krishna. Yashoda says I had informed Amma and tells that he was sad, and painful. She says I don’t know how to lower his pain. He says you search his father, atleast you will be relieved that you have atleast tried, and says he don’t like her sad face, and asks her to make sure that no family member shall have any problem.

Yashoda says she talked to Amma, and tells that once she handsover Krishna to his father, she will be relieved. Abdul calls yashoda and tells that the ward boy is found, who had posted the letter. Ashok gets tensed.

Krishna draws Mala’s sketch and tells that he didn’t draw her eyes, as she will get sad seeing him and then he can’t bear. Nandu asks him to draw her hands, so that his mother feeds him the food which is in the tiffin. Krishna gives him tiffin. Nandu opens it and says halwa. He says you are very lucky Krishna.

Krishna asks if I am lucky, as I don’t have my mother. He says who will send me to school. He says he is very unlucky. Nandu says you are very lucky, atleast you was with her for 10 years, but I didn’t see my mother. Krishna says yes, I am lucky and hugs him. Nandu takes the tiffin to eat halwa.

Ashok talks to Manoj about Yashoda meeting the ward boy. Yashoda meets the ward boy and asks about the address. The ward boy doesn’t remember. Kamini comes to Amma and tells that she wants ration as everything is finished. Amma says she don’t want anyone to know that she gets ration from them. Kamini gives a big list and asks Amma to pack it. Amma hears Ashok coming and asks her to pack the ration. She goes out of kitchen.

Ashok comes to room and sees Yashoda angry. He apologizes to her. Yashoda says they shall apologize, Aastha and Nupur. Ashok asks her if she found the address. Yashoda says no. Aastha and Nupur come there and show their dresses. Ashok gets happy seeing them. Yashoda says if they had a son then they wouldn’t have so many expenses. Ashok asks Yashoda if ward boy really doesn’t remember. Yashoda says no.

Nandu asks Krishna why he didn’t have halwa. Krishna says he don’t want to have it. Nandu asks why, as you don’t like that aunty. Some teenage kids come there and snatch box from Nandu. Nandu says everything is over. The kids throw the tiffin. Krishna gets angry and hits them. They shout Madam.

Lalita punishes Nandu and then beats Krishna with stick. Krishna shouts Maa. Lalita says your mother has become ghost, and asks him to call bhootni maa. Krishna looks in her eyes. She asks him to keep his eye sight down and shouts.

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Telecast Date:29th September 2022
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