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Doosri Maa 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Doosri Maa 25th November 2022 Episode starts with Amma asking Babu ji if he is going somewhere. Babu ji says he is going to treat the trouble. Amma asks what you are saying? She asks what he wants to have in breakfast. Babu ji says give me some poison. He says we would have died yesterday, necks would have slit yesterday and jewellery would have stolen. He tells that criminal’s gang had come yesterday.

Amma says Krishna, and tells that Yashoda and Ashok will not give shelter to any criminal. He says he is going to file case against Krishna, and tells that he is not afraid of Ashok or Yashoda. Ashok tells Manoj that Krishna is a good boy and hopes everything is fine.

Inspector calls Ashok and tells that his father has come to file complaint against Krishna. Ashok is shocked and asks him to give call to Babu ji. Inspector gives call to Babu ji. Babu ji takes the call and tells that he is going to do what he saw. Ashok tells the Inspector that Krishna is in danger. He shares his doubt on bablu and Lalita.

Inspector says he is filing case for now. Lalita talks to Bansal and tells that the plan didn’t work. Bansal says he will create such a conspiracy that everyone will be Swaha. Amma prays to God that she don’t want to hurt anyone in her life, but the moment she sees Krishna, she scolds him for not washing the clothes. Krishna says he was waiting for everyone to take bath.

Ashok calls Yashoda and informs her about Babu ji filing complaint against krishna. Krishna says I haven’t done anything. Yashoda says nothing will happen to her. She asks if she had known. Amma says yes, and says let Police come and everything will be proved. yashoda says he is not a thief. Amma says babu ji is doing this to protect his house. Bansal calls Lalita and asks her to be happy.

He says he has a good idea and tells that they shall do havan. Lalita says she is not in a mood to joke. He says I am keeping havan at home and will call everyone. He asks if she understood. She says yesterday’s work will be done and calls him genuis. Bansal says I wish I could say the same for you.

Kamini asks Amma why she didn’t tell her. Amma asks if we have called you, then what you have done. Kamini asks how the goon entered the house. Yashoda says through bathroom window. Kamini says this guy will ruin the house and asks her to see. Krishna is washing the clothes and is sad. Yashoda says Krishna is very scared.

Kamini says if this murderer got your neck slit by that goon then I would have cried. She says he would have killed Babu ji too. She says he would have slit everyone’s neck and then would have ran away with everything. She asks Krishna, how did he give info to the goon. She asks him to say.

Yashoda comes to Krishna’s rescue and asks Kamini to leave him. Kamini says yashoda is standing like chandi and tells Amma that she is worried for her. She tells that old people are the goons’ target. Krishna holds his ear which Kamini had twisted. yashoda asks her to stop it. Kamini instigates Amma and says this boy will eloped with all the stuff, and you will be just sitting. yashoda says Krishna is not like that.

Kamini says this boy will not leave you, and he will snatch your happiness and peace else my name is not Kamini. She says you have the keys of the house. Yashoda asks so what? Kamini asks Amma to take keys from yashoda. Amma asks Yashoda to give the keys. Yashoda says Amma. Amma says I don’t trust you. Krishna gets teary eyes. Amma asks for the keys. Yashoda gives her keys and goes from there. Krishna runs behind her. Kamini calls him. She tells Amma that he didn’t wash her clothes.

Krishna comes to yashoda and says I know you are crying as, Malkin took the keys from you. yashoda says I am not upset about keys, but upset as nobody sees that you are always overloaded with work and your hands are scratched with work. He says he don’t get hurt with their taunts, but gets hurt seeing her crying.

He says you know me well, they know me now and trusts me. yashoda says they trust you and that’s why didn’t think even once before complaining about you. Krishna says then real criminal will be caught and you will be happy. She says you think about my happiness. He says I am scared of Police. Yashoda says we will not let anything happen to you. Krishna says I know and smiles.


Doosri Maa 26th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bansal asks them to keep the havan. He sends Krishna to the pandal. The goon indisguise of a cook make Krishna, Aastha and Nupur have sweets. Then they keep unconscious Nupur in the big utensil. Yashoda comes there.

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Telecast Date:25th November 2022
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