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Divya Drishti 9th February 2020 Episode Start With Mahima says I won’t go until these funerals are done. Pisachini says I won’t leave either. Mahima says you’re doing what I am doing. Pisachini says you didn’t get the ratan either. Shekhar says can’t we bring them back? Rakshit says no. He sets the fire. Rakshit recalls his moments with Drishti. Everyone is crying. Pandit ji says their fire isn’t blowing. Their souls aren’t free. Pisachini says what should we do then? Mahima says shanti pooja.

Everyone comes home. Pandit ji says your mother said there should be a shanti pooja. Rakshit says she isn’t mad. Mahima says he is upset and not mentally stable. Pandit says who will sit in the pooja? Mahima says I will. Pisachini says I will too. Rakshit says let them do what they want we have lost Divya and Drishti anyway. The fire is still burning. Mahima and Pisachini put garlands on the photos. Simran says the photos are on fire. everyone is shocked. Mahima says what is happening. Divya and Drishti get up from the fire on their funerals. The ratan glows in front of them. Pandit ji puts water on the photos but they bleed.

Duivya and Drishti are in red dresses. Drishti says we had to be back to save the ratan. Drishti says are you okay? Divya says yes. Drishti says these pearls saved us. They showed the pearls to Rakshit and Shekhar. Divya said they saved our lived. Rakshit said that means they can bring you back. Rakshit said if Lal chakoor asks us to die we can bring them back. Rakshit said I can’t take that risk. Drishit said we have to do this for our family. Rakshit and Shekhar set the pearl in their hands. Divya says what about your child? Drishti says I heard two kids calling me that day. Dviya says are they twins? Drishti says yes. Drishti says we have to defeat Lal chakoor and Pisachini.

Pandit ji says these people were killed. They will come after you. Pisachini says this Pisachini killed them. Pandit ji says I won’t do pooja for evils. You killed four people. Mahima says who four? Rakshit says enough of your drama. You even the killed the ones that weren’t even born. Ojas says Drishti was pregnant. Mahima says what? Pisachini says lal chakoor dadi.

Scene 2
Rakshit comes to the tmeple. Shekhar says pandit ji said we have to do the pooja. She says donate this for thir peace. Divya and Drishti are among the beggars with their faces covered. They show them the pearls. They take off the cloth from the face. Shekhar says Divya.. Divya hugs him. Drishti hugs Rakshit. Shekhar says why didn’t you tell me? Divya says I asked him not to tell you so you’re sad. He smiles.

Pisachini says they are both alive. Mahima says they are dead. Pisachini says we didn’t get kaal vijay. Mahima says because of you. Piaschini says you ruined everything. Ojas says to Ash all beetroots are gone from the kitchen. Mahima hears. Mahima says the blood in this pot was beetroot? Who did this? It must be Pisachini.

Shekha says we don’t know how to handle them. Divya says don’t worry everything would be fine. The star glows. It says you both fought the death but you lost many powers. Divya can only move things and Drishti can see the future. The star says you have 48 hours to give birth to both children. Rakshit says what? He says yes. Mothers with magic can give birth a lot faster than normal mothers. Drishti says how will I do it in 48 hours? Rakshit says don’t worry. Star says you have to protect the kids. There is danger on them. Rakshit hugs Drishti. Drishti says I know a place where we can hide them.

Ojas says Romi did you see what happened in the shanti pooja? Someone put the garland on fire. But who would? Mahima hears it and says first beetroot and then fake fire? Who did this? Is Pisachini playing a game with me? Romi says you made her hear it. Ojas says they would be confused and they won’t understand our plan.

Mahima says Pisachini where are you? You can’t fool lal chakoor. Ojas brings Divya and Drishti in. She says no one knows you’re here. She hugs the,. Ojas says are your kids okay? Divya says how do you know? Ojas says Pandit ji told us. Rakshit and Shekhar takes them towards the pool to hide. Mahima is coming there. Divya and Drishti hide. Romi says you set the garland on fire. Mahima says what are you saying? Romi says you’re disgusting. Mahima says don’t force me to show yo my real face. He distracts her while Divya and Drishti hide.

They come to Pisachini’s basement. Divya says she won’t look at her own place. She would look everywhere else. So we are safe here. I am worried for my kids only. Romi says kids? Divya says yes twins. Romi hugs her and says congratulations.

Mahima shoves Pisachini and says don’t play games with me. Pisachini says what happened? Are you blaming me for it? Ojas and Ash hear it. Pisachini says is she fooling me? I have to find out what is she planning.

Rakshit says I am really hungry. Ojas and Ash give her food. Shekhar says I will eat what Divya did. I really miss her. Pisachini looks at them. Rkashit says give me chocolate. Ash says because Drishti liked it? Pisachini says who got this bottle? Ash says you have it so you tell us. Ash and Ojas laugh.

Divya and Drishti laugh while eating their favorite food. Rakshit says stop making fun of my brother. Shekhar drinks water. Rakshit says he had to because he had to bring your spicy food. Shekhar says what will I get? Divya says chocolate. Drishti says go now before they wonder where you are. Divya says it feels so good to be with family.

Divya and Drishti are asleep. Drishti feels hungry in the sleep. Divya texts Shekhar to cook get ice cream. He takes a picture of ice cream from the fridge. Divya comes to the kitchen. Pisachini sees her. She says you.. What are you doing here? Shekhar says who? I don’t see anyone. Pisachini says this Divya. She is stand here. Don’t do this drama. Shekhar says you’re seeing Divya’s soul? divya where are you? Please come in front of me. Divya says only you can see me. Because you killed me. Ojas says who is here? No one is here. Divya runs. Ojas says she has left the world. Pisachini says she was right here.

Rakshit says Divya, why did you take this risk. Drishti eats the ice cream. She says you acted so well of he ice cream. Romi says this can be dangerous. Rakshit says I have an idea. Drishti says I was thinking the same. Divya says what?
Pisachini says to Divya I saw Divya. She was there. Mahima says it could be her soul.


Divya Drishti 15th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahima says I saw Drishti. She was here. rakshit says are you crazy? Guru ji comes to Drishti and says I am here nothing wrong will happen now.

Read Online Divya Drishti 9th February 2020 Written Episode . Today Latest New Full Episode Serial By Star Plus Indian Drama Serial Divya Drishti Complete Show Full Written Update, Written Update of Divya Drishti 9th February 2020.

Telecast Date: 9th February 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


Divya Drishti Details

The story of the show will revolve around a young girl possessed by ‘Devi’ at periodic intervals.When the ‘Devi’ arrives, the girl is able to foresee events.Actors Sana Sayyad, Sangeeta Ghosh and Mansi Srivastava will be seen leading the show.Recently the promo of the show is released where Sangeeta Ghosh as partial witch steals the show and Sana Sayyad is seen in innocent girl avatar who can foresee future.It would be really interesting to wait and watch for this show as the VFX of the show looks promising.

Cast : 

Sangeeta Ghosh
Mansi Srivastava
Sana Sayyad

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 42 Min



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