Divya Drishti 17th November 2019 Written Episode Update


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Divya Drishti 17th November 2019 Episode Start With Rakshit takes out Patali. Drishti walks out. Drishti says to Pisachini why are you following me? Pisachni says where are you going? She says I am going to call the doctor. Rakshit sneaks out with Patali. Drishti says look into my eyes. If anything happens to Divya, I will take you to our court. Pisachini laughs. She says are you crazy? Ojaswani says how is my Simran? What did the doctor say? I will give you curse Pischini.. Pisachini says shut up. Rakshit take sPatali out. Pisachini shuts the door and says no one can go out. Rakshit says who are you to rule us? Divya says go from here. We can go wehere we want. Mahima says who are you to stop them? Pisachini says the case is on going. Divya says mom, leave her. Rakshit says in drishit’s voice we are going to get the doctor for Simran. Mahima says let them or I will hit this vase on your head. Pisachini says how dare you.

Rakshit and Divya take Patali outside. They see someone. Divya stands in front of the body. It’s Romi. Romi says we have to go in that direction. Drishti comes as well. Drishti says Shekhar will handle everything at home. Someone shoves them. It’s Pisachini. Drishti falls down. Pisachini says over smart? I knew you all stole her body. Divya says what will you do? She calls Kaal. Pisachini takes the body from them. Rakshit says leave her. Pisachini takes them to the court.

Kaal says why did you take the body? Pisachini says because her body could tell the truth that Divya killed her. Rakshit says she didn’t kill her. Pisachini says she killed your daughter and hid her body. Kaal says you have lost all right to say anything. Divya is convicted of killing my daughter Patali and hiding her body. The hell gate will open and take Divya. Drishti hugs Divya. Pisachini says you will be welcomed in the hell.

Ojaswani cries. She says this can’t happen. Shekhar says I am sorry. He told Pisachini that Patali’s body is taken outside. Pisachini hit him in front of Mahima. Shekhar pretended to be injured. She said tell me where they are you. Pisachini said I will find them. Mahima says how did she find out you are there? Divya says I will be going to hell. Drishti says I won’t let you go anywhere. Divya says leave me alone. She comes to her room. Divya cries.
Drishti says how will we save her? What will we do?

Murli says we will find a way out. Please don’t cry. Divya cries and says I don’t want to go to hell. Murli hugs her. Drishti hugs Rakshit. She sees Murli taking Divya to hell. She is shocked. Rakshit says what happened? Divya sobs. Shekhar says let me bring water.

Scene 2
Everyone gets a message to come to the hall. Murli says where is Divya? Divya shuts his face. Divya says I made breakfast for everyone. You have to eat it. Eat everyone. Everyone is in tears. Mahima says it’s so tasty. Divya says to Drishti make me eat. Drishti makes her eat. She is in tears. Drishti looks at Murli. Divya hugs her everyone. Everyone is crying and sobbing. Divya says Shekhar, mom has her son after so long. Please don’t leave her. Di and I know how it’s like to lose anyone. Divya runs to her room. Drishti goes after her. Drishti says I won’t let you go anywhere. divya says we can’t change it now. Drishti hugs her and says don’t say that. Divya cries. Drishti ties her hands. Divya says what are you doing? Drishti says I won’t let you go there. She says in haert I wont’ let Shekhar take you to hell. She shuts her face.

Rakshit says Shekhar said he saw the hell gates open in the poll. Ash says can we stop this? Please us your powers. Pisachini comes there laughing. She says Divya is going to hell. Drishti says my sister won’t go anywhere. Murli says I should hide before Kaal comes. He shouldn’t see me. Shekhar sees Divya tied in that room. Kaal comes and says where is divya? Pisachini says she ran. Rakshit says we can’t do this Drishti. Drishti says she ran. Kaal hits them all and says give me the culprit. Drishti and Shekhar stop it with their powers. Simran is falling in the pool. She screams. Romi saves her. Mahima says we will die but won’t let you take Divya. Hell’s guards come and pull them all. Kaal says take them all to hell. Divya comes there. Murli holds her hand an gives her to Kaal and Pisachini. He says leave my family and take Divya. Pisachini takes Divya towards her. Kaal says who was he? He hides. Drishti says I won’t’ let you. Divya says I have to go. Leave me. Drishti shoves Divya and says I won’t let you go. divya goes towards the pool. Divya says I have to go. Kaal says if Divya doesn’t go in 10 seconds all of you will die. They countdown. Divya says leave my hand. Drishit says I won’t let your hand. I won’t let you go. Pisachini counts 3.. 2.. 1. Divya says I love you di. She leaves her hand. Divya jumps in the pool. Everyone screams. Divya says I love you. She falls in the hell.

Divya Drishti 23rd November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Drishti jumps in the pool. Divya cries in hell. 


Divya Drishti Details

The story of the show will revolve around a young girl possessed by ‘Devi’ at periodic intervals.When the ‘Devi’ arrives, the girl is able to foresee events.Actors Sana Sayyad, Sangeeta Ghosh and Mansi Srivastava will be seen leading the show.Recently the promo of the show is released where Sangeeta Ghosh as partial witch steals the show and Sana Sayyad is seen in innocent girl avatar who can foresee future.It would be really interesting to wait and watch for this show as the VFX of the show looks promising.

Cast : 

Sangeeta Ghosh
Mansi Srivastava
Sana Sayyad

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 42 Min



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