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Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 8th January 2020 Episode Start With Rochak falls off in lockup. Inspector wakes him up and says whole world woke up expect him, nobody came to rescue him till now, maybe because he is a rejected lover and is left to die. Rochak thinks neither his parents nor Kajal came to bail him out, nobody is worried for him. Kamini walks into Rochak’s room and not finding him there thinks he wasn’t at home whole night, calls his number, but it is switched off. Her husband informs her that Rashmi is selling her house. Kamini says she is very happy to hear that and will go and confirm before mother and daughter duo back off.

Husband asks where is Rochak, but she ignores and walks away. She meets Rashmi and says she heard that she is selling house, if she had informed that she is having financial issue, she would have helped. Kajal says house is not yet sold. Rashmi says she already did and only amount has to be received. Kamini asks for howmuch did she sell her house. Broker enters with client and says he already got the total amount and asks Naani to sign documents. Kamini asks again what is the amount.

Broker asks who is she. Kamini says she is neighbor. Broker says neighbors shouldn’t interfere. Kajal calls her uncle/mama annd informs him. Naani is about to sign papers when her son enters and says she cannot sell this house. Kajal gets happy thinking her plan worked and thinks this is the only way to stop mamma. Broker asks reason. Mama says this is his house and he is naani’s son. Naani says this house is in her name. Buyer says this house is in mataji’s name. Mama warns that he will go to court, then buyer will lose his money. Buyer walks away asking to sort out their issue first. Kamini thinks they came and spoilt the drama.

Nani’s bahu Sunehri yells at Nani for trying to sell the house as she is just a guardian. Naani says it is her house. Sunehri says she can’t do injustice to her son, if Kajal had not informed them, they wouldn’t have known at all. Kajal asks Kamini to go as it is their family matter. Kamini walks away and hears their conversation hiding near door. Naani scolds her son and bahu and takes them away. Rashmi asks Kajal why did she call them. Kajal says there was no other way to stop her. Rashmi says she doesn’t know what she did. Kajal says mom was wrong. Rashmi says she made financial arrangement and Kajal doesn’t have to participate in dance competition. Kajal asks what problem she has with her participation. Rashmi says she doesn’t have to explain everything and knows what she is doing. Kajal says if she doesn’t stop selling this house, she will not stop from participating in dance show.

Kamini hearing their conversation calls Tanya and informs that Kajal’s mother needs money and is selling house, both mother and daughter are fighting, Rashmi’s brother stopped selling of house. Tanya says she has solution for her problem and asks to do whatever she says, explains her plan. Kamini excitedly agrees. Tanya thinks she doesn’t know about Kamini’s problem, but she will not let middle class Kajal come near Anshuman.

Anshuman practices dance when someone switches off lights. He angrily asks who is that. Kajal walks in and asks if he got afraid, she came to complete yesterday’s rehearsal and dances around him. Anshuman gets impressed and dances along her.

Kamini returns to Rashmi and says she is bitter tongued but is not her enemy, she cannot leave her helpless and there is someone who wants to help her. Rashmi asks who. Tanya walks in. Rashmi reminisces Tanya’s bitter words.

After dance practice, Anshuman tells Kajal that he felt good that she returned even after her problems. Kajal says she is very smart and solves all her problems with a snap of fingers, so god tests her often. Anshuman says she should give him also some credit as he solved her Rochak named problem. Kajal asks what he means. Anshuman says Rochak did not want her to be my dance partner. Kajal says yes, he was telling someone is trying to drop chandelier on her. Anshuman says he was right, Rochak himself wanted to drop chandelier on her.


Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rashmi shows money to Kajal and says she didn’t sell their house and even didn’t do anything wrong, now Kajal has to take back her name from dance competition.

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Telecast Date: 8th January 2020
Distributed By : Zee Tv and Zee5


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