Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update


Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 13th February 2020 Written Episode, Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 13th February 2020 Episode Start With Shanti runs behind Yug scolding him. Savita with Om gets out of car and see Pankaj asking Iti to keep smiling. Om tells Savita to see what he does, he walks to Pankaj and touching his feet says he didn’t find Iti at home, so he came here to meet her. Pankaj gets a call and moves aside. Savita and Om take Iti along. Yug rns and hides in a godown with Ramleela items and sits among idols wearing Hanuman’s mask. Shanti searches him there and walks away asking god to give her son some conscience. Om locks Iti in same godown and plays her mother’s fire accident video on tab. Iti watches video in which she plays with cracker singing twinkle twinkle little star and burns her hand. Her mother rushes to her and Pankaj goes to get medicine for her. Fire cracker falls on mother’s sari, sari catches fire, and mother dies. Iti gets panic attack. Yug watching her tries to calm her, but she collapses. He rushes out to bring his sister.

Om and Savita discuss that Iti would have collapsed as usual after seeing that video. They go back to godown and smirk seeing Iti unconscious, call Pankaj and rush her home. Yug brings his sister and sees them going. He walks on road sadly reminiscing Iti lively nature earlier and now her sad face. Doctor checks Iti. Savita says Iti is in deep sorrow after that accident. Pankaj says he saw Iti smiling and its a positive sign

Devguru meets many girls and not finding devi in them walks away sadly. Bhavini asks him reason. He says he couldn’t find devi at all and feeling disappointed. He sits near ganga. On the other side, Shanti sees Yug sad and asks reason. He asks if a person has all the luxuries, even then she/she is sad, what must be the reason. Mother says everyone has problem in their lives. Yug names her Udasi and says he will end Udasi’s sadness and it is his new mission. Shanti asks daughter who is Udasi. Daughter says may be some cat or dog.

In New york, Devguru’s friend gets ready to leave for India to meet Devguru. His sister Aruna asks if he really is going. He says he cannot let Shiv ruin a girl’s life like he ruined his own life, he is sorry for what Shiv did with Aruna, but he has to follow his friendship.

Whole night, Devguru sits in meditation. Mujhko chain kyun nahi aata.. song plays in the background. Next morning, Pankaj walks to Devguru, but is aides not let him near Devguru. He says its important. Devguru hearing asks what happened. Pankaj says his daughter is in mental shock after an accident a year ago and he wants Devugur’s blessings for his daughter. Devguru says he is not a healer, so Pankaj should consult a doctor or Devi. Pankaj says he saw a change in his daughter with Devguru’s ashram’s vibhuti/ash, so he wants Devguru to bless him. Devguru agrees to visit his house. Bhavini says he cannot visit everyone’s house. Devguru says he feels a positive energy in Pankaj.


Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Yug takes Iti out and tries to cheer her up. Devguru’s aide sees her and informs Bhavini that the girl in sketch is here. Yug seeing him following punishes him and makes him run away.

Read Online Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 13th February 2020 Written Episode . Today Latest New Full Episode Serial By Star Plus Indian Drama Serial Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do Complete Show Full Written Update, Written Update of Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 13th February 2020.

Telecast Date: 13th February 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


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