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Dhadkan 31st December 2021 Episode starts with Vikrant going to the pharmacy to find some medicines. He hears Dr. Basu complaining about the junior residents. Abhay checks a patient, who complains about stomach pain. Abhay says its localized pain in upper abdomen. Dr. Ali asks Peroz why is he sad.

Peroz says I thought it maybe major, its a simple surface wound. Dr. Ali says no one gets anything before time and more than fate. The patient scolds Peroz. Vikrant takes some medicine bottles and goes to his room. Madhvi Tai says all the doctors are busy. Deepika asks where is Vikrant.

He comes back and says don’t stress, I m here, well done, you did it already. Abhay updates the diagnosis and plan of action to Dr. Ali. Dr. Ali talks to the patient. He checks the xray. He says its clearly seen in it, you had a chance of rare diagnosis, you missed it.

Abhay says I wish Sia and Ansari didn’t get any solid case. Peroz tells Dr. Ali’s words and goes. Ansari comes there. Abhay looks on. Sia takes a patient. Abhay takes Ansari’s case file. Deepika and Vikrant are in the surgery. Sia treats the patient. Abhay comes to see Mrs. Kumar. He says I will attend you.

Dr. Ali comes. Abhay updates about the patient. Dr. Ali asks him to have a proper diagnosis this time. Ansari comes to the OT and doesn’t see anyone. Dr. Ali talks to Sia about her patient and goes. Abhay says I think its our day today. Sia says we are the best. Dr. Shah says patient’s bp is low, we have to stop. Vikrant says I can’t wait, there is some time left. Deepika asks him to stop. Vikrant says done, on time, perfect.

Dr. Shah says patient is stable. Vikrant says impressive, right, come on, accept it. Deepika says we will end the surgery. Dr. Ali says Sia is a fast learner. Sia says you are a good teacher. Abhay comes with the right diagnosis. Dr. Ali asks him to go ahead. He says both of you keep it up. Abhay says we are the best. Sia asks Ansari to watch out, he may become her junior. He says never, Abhay is a cheater. She says I won’t hear nonsense about him. He says you would be in trauma to know that he got engaged to you, but has an affair with someone else.

Vikrant asks Deepika to stop. She argues. She says I m not your Litti, I don’t love you, we have no love and friendship, we are just colleagues, I m Dr. Sinha for you. She goes. His hand starts shaking. He goes. She cries in the locker room. She sees the earrings he gifted. He gets the same drugs which he took before. He injects himself. Abhay says I will come after shift ends. Sia says okay, I will see you tomorrow. He leaves.

At home, Deepika sees her dad’s pic. She cries. She says I wanted to end our differences, I wanted to say that I love you, I will assume that you had forgiven me. Its morning, Vikrant gives coffee to everyone. He says try the muffins also. He says sorry Peroz, you got simple cases, there was not much scope, its fine, Ansari is the least scorer. He says Abhay snatched your case, you can snatch his case, smile.

He says Abhay and Sia are going ahead, but anything can change in 5 days. He asks Deepika to have cold coffee. She takes it. He says Abhay and Sia will be with me in ER. Deepika trashes the coffee and goes. Sia asks Ansari to keep some standard. She says you should have not accused Abhay.

Ansari says Abhay should have not done cheating with me and you, you keep the standards when you learn his truth, come and say sorry to me. She says this won’t happen. He says we will see. He goes. Abhay asks why do you fight him for my sake, I know you are my fiancee, we have to make sure that Ansari stays back in the competition. Twin brothers come there and argue.

The lady says they were fighting, Sandeep had hurt Randeep. Vikrant sends them for the aid. He asks Ansari to do the tests. He asks Peroz to go with Ansari. Sia says watch out, I m going to beat you. Abhay says my plan is the same. They have a talk. Deepika says congrats to you both for the engagement.

Sia says thanks. A girl says how nice, we also got recently engaged, I m Rachna, show me your ring. Sia shows the ring. Rachna says its small but pretty. Deepika says we will go and meet your fiance. Rachna says Karan and I are marrying next month. Deepika suggests the tests to Abhay and Sia. Rachna says Karan and I are from the same industry, we are shifting to our new house, its a concept house, my brain child, its so beautiful. Deepika says nice, all the best. Rachna says marriage and family are my priority. She advises Sia to not let work come between her priorities.

Sia says thanks, my work doesn’t come in between. Rachna says money issues. Sia says no, I want to earn for myself. Rachna says you may change your mind after marriage, you never know. Deepika and Abhay say its unbelievable. Sia says its not wrong, she is excited for her marriage, its her life, her choice, working woman is better, you can’t say that. Abhay says yes, this is right for her fiance also.

He says men have no choice like that. Sia says they should have this choice, I m fine if you don’t want to work and sit at home after marriage. Deepika says good one, you are arguing on different perceptions, I m glad to see this equality, older generation also… He says you don’t belong to older generation. She says its ten years, mindset wise, its a different generation. He says age is just numbers. She says one of you will be assisting me in the surgery. Abhay and Sia smile.

Ansari says Sandeep and Randeep are moving a lot, you try to make them sit right. Vikrant goes to see them. Sandeep and Randeep argue a lot. Vikrant hears them and recalls his past. FB shows Suman asking Vikrant what is happening. He says I can’t keep Aditi happy in this unwanted marriage.

He drinks. Suman says since Deepika left you, you wanted to marry someone else. She asks him to think how Aditi thinks. He says I love Deepika. She asks will you drink alcohol and die for her. He recalls injecting his hand. FB ends. Vikrant says separation surgery is risky, its complicated, we have to treat Randeep’s injury fast. Sandeep says I can’t stay with him. They fight and fall down the bed. Ansari, Peroz and Vikrant attend him. Sia asks what’s Deepika’s story. Abhay says I don’t know.

She says she has a husband, or is she single, you are her fav pet. He says no, I m not her pet or friend, I don’t talk all this. She says sorry, I forgot. Deepika comes. Sia says Abhay was asking… Abhay says I was not asking. Sia asks are you married. Deepika says no. Sia asks divorced. Deepika says no. Sia asks do you have a boyfriend. Deepika says good, you guys are sorted, focus on surgery.

Vikrant updates about the twins to their mum. He tells that there are many complications, surgery is the only option. He goes. Ansari says something is wrong with Vikrant, he has a big mood swing. Peroz says he is irritated, if we go to tell Deepika about him, then we will be out of this competition. Abhay says there is point. Vikrant talks to the twins. Randeep says I know its tough to live this way. Vikrant says I know, I have no twin, but I know its difficult to live with someone you don’t love. Randeep says but we have to stay like this. Vikrant says your mum is also with you, its tough for her also. He pacifies them.

Sandeep asks Randeep not to die. Randeep says you too. Vikrant goes to the pharmacy again to take the drugs. Dr. Chakravorty asks Vikrant do you want access to the cupboard. Vikrant says no, thanks. He goes to his cabin and sits. He collides with Deepika.

He tells about the twins, they hate each other, they can’t tolerate to stay together, but its written in their fate, Aditi and I also don’t want to stay together, but we are helpless, its because of you, you have written this suffering in our fate, I married Aditi because of you. She says no, I left you because I wanted to choose my life myself, I didn’t want you to choose my life, whatever you chose for yourself, don’t blame me.


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