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Dhadkan 30th December 2021 Episode starts with Vikrant asking the boy did he eat the broken piece of the car toy. Mohit says we didn’t see. Vikrant says we have to do an operation. Mohit says you will do the surgery to find out what’s the cause. Deepika says sometimes its needed. Vikrant says we have to treat him. The boy vomits blood. Vikrant says I will do what’s necessary for him.

Deepika asks Mohit to sign the form. Mohit signs the consent form. Vikrant takes the boy. Abhay says everything is okay for me. Sia asks how, its an imp choice for you. Abhay says no, Vicky and Sandhya’s life got spoiled because of their choice.

Sia asks why are you behaving like this, what happened. He asks how does it matter, we are getting engaged today, our lives will be affected by it. Sia says you regret making that choice. He says I didn’t make the choice. She says I told you I will wait for you, but dad and his health, I didn’t think about it, tell me what are you thinking. He says I m just asking you to choose the rings. He asks her to do it. He goes. She smiles.

Deepika discusses the case. She goes to Mohit and his wife. His wife says I always thought that I couldn’t meet you, this place isn’t the best to meet, its been 8 years, I had an arranged marriage with Mohit, my elder sister is settled in Banaras and my younger sister is going for further studies. Deepika sits talking to her. Mohit’s wife says I m proud of you that you are so stubborn and determined, I will make my son like you. Deepika smiles.

Girija and Jigna come and meet Abhay. Girija says its not easy to keep a marriage, there should be love, love is much imp in a marriage. He nods and hugs her. Peroz says we shall go now, Sia and uncle would be waiting, did you get the ring, I will go and get it. Abhay says take them to Sia, I will get the ring.

Abhay goes and gets the ring. He thinks. Vikrant says I was right, the toy broken part was stuck in the intestine, we removed it through surgery, he will be fine soon. Mohit’s wife takes the permission and goes to se her son. Mohit says sorry, I told a lot to you. Vikrant says Deepika is a good doctor, you should behave well with her. Mohit apologizes to Deepika. She cries happily. He says your decision was right. She says its a big thing for me.

She says tell mum and dad to forgive me, I want to meet them. Mohit says dad is no more. She gets shocked. Sia introduces Girija and Jigna to Ramesh. She gets Abhay’s call. Abhay says I want to talk something imp. She asks what, now, everyone is waiting. He says come and meet me in the locker room. Deepika asks what, when. Mohit says some weeks back. She says I spoke to him a month ago, what happened to him. He says he was suffering from cancer, he died. She says you should have told me, he passed away and no one told me.

She cries and asks why didn’t you tell me. He says he didn’t want us to inform you. Vikrant looks on. Mohit says he didn’t wish you to come in his final rites. She says I want to meet mum. Mohit says she will never meet you, she promised dad that you are dead for her, she will not talk to you. She cries and goes. Vikrant goes after her. Ansari looks on.

Vikrant consoles Deepika. Abhay comes there. Ansari sees him. Deepika says so much anger and complains, they are my parents, how can they do this with me, just because I wanted to become a surgeon, did I do any sin, what did I do. Vikrant hugs her and consoles. Abhay comes and sees them. Vikrant says I love you Deepika. Sia comes to meet Abhay. Ansari looks on. Abhay takes Sia with him.

Jigna says you are holding her hand before engagement. Peroz says they are shy. Abhay and Sia exchange the rings. They smile. Vikrant says I m responsible for whatever happened in your family, its all my mistake, I still love you, I never stopped loving you, I thought I hate you, I just love you, I can’t love anyone else, its time to fix this mistake, we can be a happy, lets be happy together. Deepika cries.

Abhay and other interns treat a boxer. The lady says she slipped and fell down the floor. Abhay says we will go for CT. Sia says it will take time. Ansari says we should go for FAST/Focused assessment with sonography for trauma. Peroz says he is right. Abhay and they all argue. The lady says something is happening to her. Chakravorty comes and checks the patient. He asks Abhay didn’t he notice the missed heartbeats, they were so busy in the arguments. He treats the patient. He says we need to talk. He goes.

He scolds the team. He says patient’s life was in danger, you were arguing about the treatment. Abhay says we four attended the patient together. Chakravorty says there has to be one doctor incharge, all the other doctors should just assist.

Deepika is also working on a case. Vikrant comes to her. She says I m Dr. Sinha, not your Litti. Chakravorty comes and asks what type of team are you, they were fighting instead treating the patient, they don’t know the admission protocol, who did you designate the head of ER in your absence. Vikrant says we didn’t decide it till now. Chakravorty says decide that soon before a patient dies. Vikrant says start the surgery, I will join you.

Abhay and everyone still argue. Vikrant comes and says stop it, the proxy leader will assign the cases to the other three, I will evaluate your performances and then decide. Abhay argues with Vikrant. Vikrant says rules will be mine, I will decide the result, the way you are talking to me, it might be proved costly.

He says Dr. Ali will run the ER today and give me your report. He goes. Dr. Ali says hello jokers. Vikrant recalls Deepika’s words. She says this can’t happen. He asks what’s the problem, you also love me. She asks when did I say. He says I know you have feelings for me. She says no, you are married, I didn’t forget this. He sees Deepika in the OT. Abhay and Peroz have a talk about the competition.

Peroz says I m really happy that you got engaged to Sia, she was so happy, you can’t get a life partner like Sia. Sia comes and says I also want to win this competition. Abhay says of course, you don’t need to sacrifice your dreams for me. She says aw. He says even I won’t sacrifice. They go to the ER. A patient comes. Dr. Ali asks Peroz what will he do immediately. Peroz tells the diagnosis model.

Dr. Ali says take him. Deepika and Vikrant are in a surgery. She says we have to cut an artery from the arm. He says yes. He recalls telling Deepika that he will divorce Aditi, its a bad marriage, its not working. Deepika says no, marriage and a wall clock are different, clock works on battery, marriage works on heartbeat. He asks what wrong did I do. She says you got married, I don’t want to become the other woman. He says tell me you love me or not. She says no, I don’t love you. FB ends. Vikrant’s hand gets shaken. He leaves. She takes the lead. She asks Madhvi Tai to call any senior surgeon.


Dhadkan 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Deepika says I don’t love you Vikrant. Ansari says something happened to Vikrant. Vikrant injects something to his hand. Deepika comes.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2021
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