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Dhadkan 29th December 2021 Episode starts with Deepika talking to Ramesh. She says Peroz will handle the wife. Vikrant and Dr. Gupta get arguing during the surgery. Ramesh asks Abhay is the situation too bag. Sia calls Abhay and asks did you have food. She says I will wait for you for lunch. Abhay says okay, I will meet you.

She says I love you. Ramesh says I don’t want to tell Sia about this. Deepika says its not easy to live with this disease, you need much care, you can’t handle this alone, I request. He says I m tolerating this since 20 years, I have no major problem, I can manage it well by not sharing it with Sia.

He says Sia will need Abhay with her. Vikrant says sorry, we tried our best, Pyari can never conceive. Pyari says I told you that I want to become a mum, why did you give us hope. He says sorry. Vitthal argues. He asks Vikrant to just leave. Vikrant goes to doctors station. Deepika asks what happened, you couldn’t save Pyari’s ovary.

He says I try to become a good husband, her birthday, anniversary, I remember every imp date, I take her to meet her family, she does a job, she earns money, but I manage her expenses, I try my best to keep her happy, but I know that she isn’t happy with me. Abhay hugs Sia. Sia asks why, I m so mad at him, why didn’t he tell me. He says enough, you are just scared. She says yes, he is my dad, I can’t live without him. He says you can’t fall weak, you have to be strong.

Vikrant says I married a doctor, I thought everything will get fine, we didn’t get a child, we are trying fertility treatment. He goes. Deepika thinks. Abhay consoles Sia. Sia says he is my dad, I don’t remember my mum, dad is always with me, I told him that I want to become a doctor, he said, become anything you want, go for it but why doctor, why do I want to work hard, I told him that I want to become a plastic surgeon.

She cries and says I can’t live without him. Abhay says calm down. Deepika meets Dr. Gupta and asks about the ovulation treatment. Dr. Gupta explains her the process. Deepika says I was asking this for my friend. She goes to Abhay and asks is everything fine. Deepika asks what happened.

Peroz says I m so sorry to react on Shanu’s matter. Abhay says there is no such matter. Peroz says Sia will be in stress. Abhay says there is no such matter, listen to me. Peroz says I believe you. He goes. Vikrant talks to Aditi on call. He says there is much work here, try to understand, I can’t take a leave so soon. He turns and sees Deepika. She says I know you want children, you should be with Aditi. She goes. She says we can schedule your surgery soon. Ramesh asks the risk.

Peroz explains the risk. Deepika says I will be taking out the kidney, risk will be less. Sia asks her dad not to feel sad. Ramesh says I want to talk to Abhay. He says Sia, I don’t want to leave you and go, I understood this, anything can go wrong in life, I came here to meet Abhay and tell him to take care of Sia, but I didn’t know, I will need his help so soon,

I will go for surgery, I want to go with this belief that Abhay will always take care of Sia. Abhay says of course. Ramesh says I want you both to get engaged before my surgery. Sia says yes, of course, it won’t be big, but that’s okay, your happiness is the most imp.

Deepika is on the terrace. Abhay comes. He says I stayed back, Sia had to go home. She says its your engagement today. He says I never thought of marriage, I wanted to become the best cardiac surgeon, one day, Sia said that we are in relationship, I also liked it, she will become my fiancee today, maybe she becomes my wife in some days. She says its big decisions, we doubt sometimes, its right or wrong, its normal, you think that you are ready or not to commit, it will affect people around you.

He says you sound like, you faced this before, did you get engaged or married before. She says you know, one should understand surgery and marriage well, one should listen to mind in surgery and heart in marriage, because heart never lies. A man comes and shouts on the nurse. Deepika asks where is your son, I will attend. The man says you both got together again.

Abhay is in the locker room. Sia and Peroz come. She asks how is dad. Abhay says he is stable. She says you stayed awake all night, take a power nap, your face should glow on engagement time. Peroz asks didn’t you take off today. Abhay says Sia took an off today. She hugs him. She goes. Peroz says don’t worry, you are ready, right. Abhay says I m getting late for Emergency dept. Deepika says Mohit bhaiya…

Mohit scolds Deepika. She says its nothing like that. Vikrant says your son has fever, any other problem. Mohit says I don’t want your help. Deepika says don’t delay his treatment, please. Mohit’s wife says yes, treat him first, he isn’t able to pass urine. Mohit says fine. Sia checks the charts. Ramesh says I want to talk to Sia. Sister goes. Ramesh asks is Abhay happy about engagement. Sia says he wanted to wait, but okay, he understands, everything will be fine, you will live long, don’t worry for me,

engagement is happening today, marriage will happen soon. Abhay attends an injured lady in the ER. The lady tells her name Sandhya. The guy says she came in front of my car. Abhay says you are drunk. Peroz and Abhay check her. Sandhya says I m seeing everything blur. Vikrant checks the boy.

Mohit stays silent. Deepika tries to talk to him. His wife talks. Vikrant and Deepika explain the case to Mohit and his wife. Deepika says we will find the reason by CT scan and plan the treatment. Vikrant talks to the boy. He takes his toy car. He says its good. The boy says its my fav. vikrant says I liked you a lot. Sandhya says I can’t see anything, help me.

Abhay says calm down. He asks Meena to call an ophthalmologist. She scolds the guy. She cries. Abhay asks the ophthalmologist to check her vision loss. Vikrant says we will give him enema to make him pass stools. Deepika asks how will we explain the fever. She checks the scans. He asks happy now.

She nods. Vikrant returns the car to the boy. He says old relations are such, it can break, but doesn’t end. The doctor says there is retinal detachment due to high bp and injury. Sandhya asks can I see anything, tell me. Abhay says Sandhya ji, retina detachment can’t be cured, success rate is less, your eyesight can’t be restored, really sorry. The guy says so sorry, I wish this didn’t happen, forgive me Sandhya ji.

Abhay says enough, will her eyesight come back by your sorry. Peroz stops him. The guy says he is right, I was with a friend, I was drinking, I had to go home, I didn’t think, I just made a choice, now I will be going to jail, for ruining Sandhya’s life. Ansari talks to the boy. He laughs. The nurse asks Ansari to come inside.

Vikrant asks what are you doing here, go, I will update you. Deepika asks why did you come here when you had to go. He says I couldn’t go. She asks why. He says because of you, children aren’t a band aid to fix the marriage. She says I didn’t say that to stop you from going home. Mohit says patient’s stool has much blood, come fast, he is hurt. The boy shouts in pain. Vikrant checks the boy. Deepika sees Mohit worried.


Dhadkan 30th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vikrant says we have to do an operation. Deepika says we can do tests. He says trust me. Vikrant hugs Deepika and says I love you. Abhay looks on shocked.

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