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Dhadkan 28th December 2021 Episode starts with Sia asking are you really going to propose me. Abhay asks will you marry me. She says yes, of course yes. Vineet asks how is Nalini, is she fine. Vikrant says there are complications in the surgery. He explains Vineet. He says heart valve got contracted, the peripheral tissues would be damaged, she may get conscious later, the surgery went for 10 hours, so we had to give her anaesthesia. Vineet asks is she alive. Deepika says yes, we hope that her body functions well when she gets fine. Vineet asks can I see her. She says sorry, we can’t allow you.

Vikrant says I think we can make an exception. Vineet goes and sees Nalini. He asks her to please get up. He says its all my mistake, I convinced you for surgery, love isn’t selfish, I used to feel proud to love you knowing you can never marry me. He cries. Deepika says when we love someone a lot, the fear of losing her isn’t called being selfish. Vineet says she is my soul mate, I should have loved her enough to let her go.

Deepika checks Nalini and asks her to take a deep breath. Nalini gets conscious. Vikrant says you are fine, Nalini, we have removed the tumour completely, you will have just checkups now. Deepika says you are brave. Vineet says I will inform your family that you are fine. Vikrant says you did right to push Nalini for the surgery. Vikrant thanks him and goes. Vikrant sees Deepika.

Sia goes with Abhay. Ansari looks on. Sia says I will just come. Abhay goes. She goes to Ansari. She says you were so worried that Abhay will refuse for marriage, so I didn’t propose Abhay. Ansari jokes. Sia says Abhay has proposed me for marriage and I told him yes, I didn’t expect this from him. He says even I didn’t think this. She goes. Deepika checks Vikrant’s gift. She goes out wearing the earrings he gifted. He sees this and smiles.

Next day, Abhay and Sia are in the cafe. Abhay sees Deepika. Vikrant comes and gets espresso for Deepika. She says we don’t lie in friendship, I hate espresso, I didn’t want that cold coffee so I told so. He says I was having this bitter coffee just for you, so cold coffee. She says okay. Sia asks Abhay what happened. Abhay says you don’t need to do this. Sia says you proposed me, we should celebrate.

She says we shall fix the engagement date. Deepika and Vikrant go. Abhay says I got to go, don’t rush for engagement. Ansari is sleeping on the ward bed. A patient comes and shouts. Ansari wakes up. He checks the patient and asks Prince to take her for xray. Peroz and Ansari come to the cafeteria.

Sia asks do you think that Abhay proposed me by mistake. He coughs. She says he said we shall not rush for engagement. He asks did he talk rudely. She says no, what’s going on. He asks the same. She says I m over excited, Abhay is practical types, I should go slow. Peroz says its life, why did he propose you if he didn’t want to get engaged, fix the date, I m getting late, don’t justify Abhay’s behavior. He goes. Ansari smiles hearing them.

Deepika hears the nurses saying about Abhay’s proposal. She says wow, congrats. Abhay thanks her. She says you surprised me, I didn’t know that you will marry so soon, I thought you will complete specialization. He says Sia is also ambitious, we won’t marry her so soon. They go to see Nalini. Vikrant checks the xray.

He asks how did you get hurt, don’t lie, say the truth. Pyari says don’t tell my husband, I love him a lot, he is a constable, he loves me a lot, I was telling the girls that we are going to Goa, the lady said Vitthal takes bribe. Nirali says Pyari fought with Mugdha, someone had hit a stool at her and she fell down. Vikrant says we have to do surgery. He asks Ansari to start the fluids.

Ansari says she has pain in lower abdomen also. Vikrant asks him to do more tests. He says call your husband here. Pyari asks will this cost a lot. Ansari says let your constable husband come, your expenses will get less. Pyari says he is honest, he will spend money and get me treated. Peroz says Aai will be happy, that you proposed Sia, tell me the matter, I will help it sort out, for whom do you have the feelings. Ansari comes and looks on. Abhay says forget it, its not imp. Peroz argues.

Ansari goes to Sia. He asks for Vikrant. Vikrant checks the xray. He asks did her husband come. Ansari says no. Vikrant says we can try to stop the bleeding. Ansari says its solid damage. Sia asks what happened. Ansari says I m assisting Vikrant. She says your career depends on your talents.

Sia’s dad comes to meet Abhay. Vitthal scolds Pyari. Vikrant comes. He says you have a fracture, your ovary got ruptured, its imp for pregnancy, she just has one ovary instead two, did you get any surgery done to remove an ovary. Pyari says no. Vikrant says its missing by birth, other one is ruptured.

She asks can I conceive. Vikrant says no. She cries. Vitthal says don’t say this. Pyari says I want many children. Ansari shows the xray to the gynac. Nirali asks can anything happen. The gynac says we have to replace the ovary, transfer this case to me. Vikrant sees Ansari.

Sia’s dad says I want to share a secret with you. He tells about his disease. Abhay says its autoimmune disease, it leads to tissue damage to the organs, how didn’t Sia know this, she is a doctor, she would have seen the symptoms. Sia’s dad says she asked me, I lied to her, she loves blindly and believes the person she loves, she believes anything and never questions. Abhay asks why did you hide this from Sia.

Sia’s dad says her mom died when she was three year old, I raised her alone, she has attachment with me, she thinks I m her support system. Vikrant and Dr. Gupta argue. Deepika comes and looks on. She says you want to ruin her dreams. She asks him to consider facts and not get emotional. He says I m taking Pyari for the tests, I will extent of damage and then decide, not on emotions. She says I will be with you in OT, tell me, when the time gets fixed. Vikrant says you crossed the line by calling her. Ansari goes.

Deepika says I didn’t see you so agitated before. She gives him tea. She asks what happened. Sia’s dad says Sia told me that you proposed her for marriage, I felt relieved, that someone will take care of her and love her a lot. Abhay asks about his health. Sia’s dad says I m taking antibiotics, I will go for tests this week, Sia is right, she says that you are a talented doctor. Abhay says its serious, its signs of renal failure, its time Sia should know it, if anything happens to Sia, then how will she handle it.

Sia’s dad says no, I came to share the secret, you take care of her in my absence, she is my daughter, you don’t know her more than me. Abhay asks him to calm down. He shouts for ward boy. Vikrant says Aditi and I are trying since years, we don’t have children, I want a family, I feel emptiness without children, marriage is like a wound, maybe children heal that wound. Deepika says sorry, but children aren’t band aid to heal the wounds, they are like little plants, they need to be loved and nurtured. He says I will love them but I have no one with me, I will keep my children happy. She goes.

Pyari refuses for surgery. Vikrant says I will try my best to not remove your ovary. She says no, promise me first. He says I m a doctor, I can’t promise, I will try, its not in our hands. Vitthal says make her fine, we want our family. Vikrant says I will try my best. He stops Ansari and says you crossed the limit, I don’t need you in OT, take care of post ops today. Peroz asks where is Sia. Abhay says we can’t tell her anything. Deepika asks why. He says because her dad doesn’t want this. She says we have to inform Sia. Abhay says we should have Ramesh uncle’s consent. She says yes. Peroz asks what do you want to go.


Dhadkan 29th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Deepika says sorry, we have to remove your kidney. Ramesh asks Abhay and Sia to get engaged. Deepika asks Abhay to follow his heart. Deepika sees her brother Mohit in the hospital. Mohit sees Vikrant with her, and says you both got together again.

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