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Dhadkan 23rd December 2021 Episode starts with Ansari and Peroz arguing. Sia comes. Peroz says I m not in the ER even today. Ansari says struggle, I m with you. Sia asks where am I. She holds Peroz and says you have fever. Peroz says its good, it means the body is fighting the infection. She says take an off. He says I took a pill already, we have to get attention of seniors. She says we have to go easy today, you know where is Abhay. Girija gets ready. Abhay asks her to have medicines.

She throws it. She asks Vinayak where is my kumkum box. Abhay worries. She says its our anniversary, you stay busy in surgeries, are you busy today also, we will go out for dinner, I want to have chinese, please. Abhay shouts I m not Vinayak, I m your son Abhay, Vinayak left us, he never loved you, forget him. She slaps him and cries. He consoles her and gives her medicines. He sees time. He hugs her. He says you know about the eye illness, when the tears dry out, it hurts, you should keep tears safe, don’t waste it on that useless man, you are simple, people like him take an advantage of you. She asks who. He says no one. He asks her to take rest. He leaves.

Vikrant asks whom are you talking to. Deepika says I was checking patient’s updates. He says your passion didn’t change, this got me attracted to you. She asks nurse about the patients lined up. He says there are no patients today. A man comes and asks for help. Mahadik asks about the patient. Peroz tells about Amar’s diagnosis. Mahadik asks him to check his palm for pinkness. Ansari says Amar had vomit every time Peroz checked him. The lady says Amar is better now.

Peroz checks Amar. Amar vomits. Peroz goes. Sia says his vomit has blood. Mahadik asks them to run tests. He goes. Deepika asks what’s your name. The guy says Rahil, I m 22 years. She asks where are you now. He says FMS hospital, emergency ward, I was cycling, a bus hit me, I fell down. Abhay comes. Deepika asks Abhay to check Rahil. Vikrant asks Abhay how did he get late. Abhay checks Rahil. Deepika says its localised pain. Vikrant says good. She says thanks, I will do. He says tell me, if you need anything.

She says Abhay is here, you carry on, I insist. Vikrant goes. Rahil says I felt that doctor is interested in you. Abhay says I also think the same, he is calling you by your first name. He holds her and says such men take an advantage of simple and innocent women like you. She says you mean I m foolish, insult in a compliment. He says I didn’t mean that. Rahil says you held her hand, so you were staring at Vikrant. Abhay says no, she is my boss. Ansari jokes on Peroz. Peroz goes. Ansari asks Prince to show his bleeding gums to the dentist. A lady patient comes. Ansari asks what happened. Neha says I want a female doctor. He asks do you want a gynac.

She says maybe. He says doctor’s gender doesn’t matter, qualifications matter. Nurse says I will see which female doctor can attend you. Rahil is asked to wear the gown. He faints down. Neha says I m not able to pass urine, I m feeling uncomfortable. Sia says we will go for ultrasound. Neha says I m feeling feverish, admit me here, I will go when I get fine. Sia says I will try to help you. Neha cries. Abhay checks Rahil. Deepika comes. Abhay tells the vitals. He says we have to do ultrasound. She says we have to do the surgery. Vikrant says its the best option, there is much internal bleeding, she is right, I will assist Deepika. She asks him to be in emergency room, Abhay will be with her. He says it will be a honor if I assist you, I insist, please. She says okay.

Sia comes to see Amar. She says give me some time, I will tell about reports. Sia says she has Malaria. Amar’s wife says I had to go to meet my parents, there are many Malaria cases in my home town, I insisted him to come and this happened. Sia asks her to take rest. She says you love him a lot, right. The lady says yes, more than my life.

Deepika, Abhay and Vikrant perform the surgery. Vikrant asks Abhay to watch and learn. He argues with Abhay. Deepika says we will go for alternate option, we can try, why to remove spleen until its necessary. Vikrant says fair enough, do anything you want, I m here to assist you. Sia asks Madhvi tai about reports. Madhvi says talk slow, I have a headache, work is so much, maybe some flu or infection. Sia says get tests done. Madhvi says work is going slow. Sia says staff is falling ill, who will see patients. Prince says I had the pill, I m feeling unwell. Ansari asks what happened.

He sees Peroz lying on the sofa. He asks are you okay or gone. Peroz vomits. Ansari asks did you do this intentionally. Sia comes to Neha. Neha says why am I getting blood in urine. Nurse gets Amar’s reports. She insists Sia to check it. Sia asks where is Deepika. Nurse says she is busy in surgery. Sia goes to Mahadik. She asks him to help. He says slow down. She asks are you alright. Mahadik says fever. She says its flu, its happening to everyone. He asks how would you know until you get tests, I will send someone to collect your samples. He mentions the tests. She leaves.

She asks Prince for Ansari. She goes. She sees Peroz vomiting. She says something serious has happening here. Sia calls Deepika. Deepika says we need your help, patients and staff are falling ill, some infection is spreading. Ansari takes care of Peroz. Abhay asks are you fine. Sia says yes. Vikrant asks can they handle pressure. Deepika says don’t panic, start treating them. Sia says something is wrong,

come here and see. Deepika says calm down. Prince faints down. Ansari and Sia check him. Ansari says its seizures. Deepika asks them to treat Prince. Ansari and Sia follow Deepika’s instructions. Sia says we need you urgently. Deepika says call Dr. Khanna. Sister says Khanna and Chakravorty are ill, just you and Vikrant are the senior doctors here. Vikrant asks Deepika to go, Abhay will assist him. Deepika leaves.

Vikrant says don’t give imp to yourself, Deepika doesn’t need you. Deepika asks Madhvi is she fine. She finds everyone falling sick. Ansari asks Prince to sit right and breath. Sia and Ansari see Deepika and tell the symptoms. Vikrant and Abhay argue. Vikrant says I m removing the spleen. Abhay says no, we will give him medicines, you didn’t want to repair the spleen, now you are deciding it. Vikrant and Abhay argue. Abhay calls Deepika. She says some infection is spreading here. Abhay and Vikrant ask her to take care. She says stay away from this floor, we have to isolate everyone, all the best.

Deepika works on the case. She learns about Amar and goes to see him. She says we have to isolate you, an infection is spreading here. The lady says I won’t go. Deepika says try to understand. Peroz and Prince talk and smile. Ansari asks who would get this infection here. Deepika talks to Sia and Ansari. Vikrant and Abhay come to her cabin and hear her talks. She asks why did you come. He says I came to help you. They all discuss about the patients suffering from Ebola.

Sia says maybe Amar is our patient zero, we can do antibodies test and find out. They go to meet Amar and ask did they go out of India. Amar and his life say we didn’t go. Abhay gets Sia’s call and asks are you fine. She says yes, just check my patient Neha, she is scared, I m in isolation. He says of course, I will check her. She smiles. Ansari looks on and rests to sleep. Deepika goes to her cabin and throws things. She shouts why can’t I figure it out. Vikrant holds her and asks her to calm down, it will get tough to find out this infection.

She makes him away and says don’t try to touch me again, you lost that right, I m not your GF, you are married, you have a wife. She goes and cries. Abhay meets Neha. He says you are alone and scared, Sia has sent me here, tell me, how do you feel now. She says I think I have fever. He says your bracelet is unique, sorry, I got distracted. She says thanks, I took this from Africa

. He says its tough to get this in India. She says yes. He says don’t worry for fever, try to take rest, we all are with you to take care of you. He comes to Deepika’s cabin and asks where is Deepika. He says Amar is lying, he went to Africa, Neha also went there and had worn the unique bracelet, Amar and his wife had gone there too, Amar is cheating on his wife, not every married man is faithful, Amar didn’t tell his wife about his Africa trip, I know such men who cheat their wives, we should talk to them. She says no, their marriage can suffer. He says our patients and staff can die. She says I will go and talk to them. They go.

Amar’s wife Rimjhim cries. She asks why did you do this. Deepika comes to Abhay and says you were right. He says I told you, I know such men well, Vikrant also belong to this breed, selfish, manipulative and wrong, he looks at you in a wrong way, you are not foolish, I don’t want anyone to hurt you. He goes.


Dhadkan 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vikrant waits for Deepika. Abhay wishes Deepika happy birthday. They both have a laugh. Vikrant looks on. Girija angrily hurts Deepika.

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