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Dhadkan 19th January 2022 Episode starts with Vikrant and Deepika doing poetry and confessing love for each other. They dance. Aye dil hai mushkil….plays… they get close. He gets Aditi’s call. He takes her call. She asks where are you. He says hospital. She says I m in your flat, I came here to surprise you, but you aren’t here,

I m thinking to come to the hospital. He says no, don’t come. She asks him to come soon. He gets ready. He says I m going to the hospital for urgent work. Deepika says I will also come along. He says no, take rest.

He leaves. He goes to his flat. He sees Aditi. She hugs him. She says you didn’t get time to come to Delhi, so I have come to meet you. She serves him the dinner. She talks to him. He sits silent. She asks what’s the matter, are you upset that I have come this way. He says no, you are thinking so. She asks him to take rest.

He goes to his room and lies to sleep. She sits talking to him about their baby. He says not today, please, I m tired and I have a headache. She says we can’t miss the date every month this way. He says I m really sorry, not today, you sleep. She gets sad. Deepika waits for him. Its morning, Deepika comes to the hospital and asks for Vikrant.

Meena says he isn’t here. Deepika calls him. Vikrant says I will leave now. Aditi says I will come along, I took an appointment with the gynac. He says you can’t come along, I have to go to the bank, you have to go back to Delhi. She says I will visit myself, I will meet you when I come there.

Abhay comes to the locker room and sees Sia. Deepika comes and asks Abhay to meet her in VIP room for a special case. She goes. Ansari sees Sia. Sia goes. Peroz is in the cafe. The coffee machine doesn’t work. He gets frustrated. He says no one cares for me. He goes. Abhay asks what’s this special case. Deepika says Mr. Prakash, one of the trustees of the hospital board, its last stage of pancreas cancer,

his wife isn’t able to handle him so admitted here, there is no hope, we can just lessen his pain. He asks why did you assign me, he doesn’t need a doctor. She says yes, but they need you, you bond with the patient, I didn’t see this with everyone, Prakash did a lot for this hospital, he doesn’t have much time, he will have anxiety in his last time,

just check on him, make him feel comfortable. He nods. She thanks him and goes. He goes to see Prakash. He talks to the lady nicely and consoles her. She says we had a son, Karan, he left the house, he used to say that his dad makes him feel suffocated, we don’t know where is he now, we tried to find him. He shares her pain. Prince says your chief has called you, Peroz. Abhay says when I get tired, I look at the sky, you also go out for sometime and come, don’t worry, I m here, don’t worry. Prakash tells him about Karan.

Abhay says I know having a hatred for dad, when we met after many years, all the hatred ended, we sons want a chance to know our dad, give a chance to Karan once. Prakash says he used to hate us, he left us. Abhay asks didn’t you track him. Prakash says I knew he will never come back. Abhay asks him to give him Karan’s number.

He says you want to meet him, right. Prakash says he is my son, he is stubborn like me, he will not come back. He agrees to give the number. Ansari sees Sia. Vikrant gets some files. His hands get shaking. Meena asks are you fine. He says yes, I m fine. Deepika asks what happened to you, where were you. He says I went home to change.

She asks are you fine. He says yes, I m okay. He goes. She asks Meena why didn’t she ask him if he fine. Meena says his hands were shaking, so I asked him. Deepika goes after Vikrant. Peroz comes to Chakravorty and says coffee machine gets damaged sometimes. Chakravorty asks him to have some water. He introduces his niece Isha. He asks can you give her a guided tour of the hospital. Peroz says of course. Isha laughs on Peroz’s name. She goes.

Peroz says this is our surgical floor. Isha goes live on social media. He asks what’s this, this is a hospital, not a club. She argues with him. Deepika comes to Vikrant and asks did you start taking drugs again. Vikrant says no.

Deepika asks why are your hands shaking. He says because of the drugs cravings, we don’t get what we want in life, I m trying to fight with my body, trust me, I will never take drugs again. She asks him to relax. She asks can I help you, shall I drop you home. He says I have much work today, stay away, I need some space. She goes.

Abhay says sorry, Karan went for trekking two years back, he died in the accident, his friends couldn’t save him. Prakash and his wife get shocked. She says maybe Prakash was living to hear this, why doesn’t he die, I die every minute seeing him in pain. She says Karan left, he will never come back, whatever we do, you go. Prakash says I want a pen and paper, I want to write a letter for my son. Sia comes to Ansari. He ignores her. Isha enters the ER and records live. Sia asks who is she. Peroz says she is chief’s niece. Sia greets Isha. Peroz says put the phone n your pocket. Isha goes.

Prakash dictates and makes Abhay write the letter. Prakash gets emotional and apologizes to Karan for suffocating him in the cage of love. He says I made a mistake, I love you a lot, my love was selfish. He asks Nandita did his voice reach Karan. She nods. Prakash says when I meet him, then he will forgive me, right. He cries. She says why not, Karan is your son, he will forgive you. She hugs him and cries. Abhay cries.

Peroz tries to get the coffee again. Isha goes and switches on the machine. She gets the coffee for him and says you are welcome. He says thanks. He hears her saying she is a junior resident doctor in FMS. He asks are you a doctor. She says yes, I m just 18, didn’t you hear about child prodigy, say hello to me.

He says you are really a genius. Deepika instructs Sia and Ansari, and goes. Sia says listen to me once, the way I behaved with you, that was very wrong, I m sorry. Ansari says I don’t want your sorry, there is virus in the air, maintain safe distance. He goes. Deepika goes to meet Vikrant. She says sorry, I didn’t know you are with a patient. He says she isn’t a patient. Aditi greets her and says I m Dr. Aditi Saxena, you are Deepika, right. Deepika gets shocked.


Dhadkan 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhay sees Vikrant with Aditi. Deepika looks on and gets sad. Vikrant says I didn’t wish to hide about Aditi, give me a chance, please. Deepika makes him away.

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Telecast Date:19th January 2022
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