Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 30th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 30th January 2020 Written Episode, Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao Written Update on

Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 30th January 2020 Episode Start With Shraddha start shouting where did Ajooba go, she scolds nurse says you know he is dimensia patient how did you let him go. Shlok sees Shraddha and drops his bouquet. Aaji and Sharddha start looking for Anjali, Anjali gets call from Sharddha and she rushes out, Shlok leaves the hospital. Ajooba in middle of traffic. Shlok finds Ajooba and asks him to come sit with him, Ajooba says who are you why will I come with you, Shlok says don’t worry come sit on my bike, Shlok hugs Ajooba to calm him and says im your well wisher. Anjali creates chaos in the hospital says call your higher authority where is my grandfather, he is missing what were you people doing.

Dhruv sees Anjali and says I see her here where is bhaiya. Shraddha sees Shlok get Ajooba on bike, Shraddha rushes to Ajooba and hugs him, Shraddha calls Aaji, all rush to Ajooba. Ajooba sees everyone worried, Shlok tells vikas, Ajooba was lost in traffic he is fine now, Anjali rushes to Ajooba, Shlok leaves, Anjali asks where he was, Aaji says a guy dropped him, Shraddha remembers the bike number and sees Shlok park the bike and says it’s the same bike.

Dhruv says Bhai why did you leave from there, you should have spoken to Anjali, Shlok says I cant do all this, its your cup of tea not mine, and you know I feel I don’t deserve Miss Pradhan, I cant be selfish, Shraddha hears them talk.

Shraddha meets Shlok and Dhruv, Shraddha and Dhruv get in argument, Shraddha says you are stalker and so stop doing all this, Shlok says im sorry shraddha I really love her, I know the path we choose was wrong, your sister is very specially, im very normal person, but I will fulfil all the promises done to her, I will take care of her, you and all your family, I never lie, if you trust me, you can take a decision on my behalf.

Shraddha goes aside and sits, says so this all was done for my sister,Shlok says yes, Shraddha says you are not that bad, because you dropped your stupid brothers plan and helped my Ajooba and thank you for that, I will help you for didi, Shlok says I will do anything for Ms Pradhan, Shraddha says is it, say bye to Dhruv, Shlok says bye Dhruv, Dhruv says wow look at you, I have done so much for you, but you betrayed me, Shlok says Dhruv take bike along with you, Dhruv says I will go by cab, Shlok says Dhruv helped me a lot Shraddha, Shraddha says don’t worry I was just pulling his leg, I have a solid plan for you.

Shlok walks to Rekha and says Ma I have realised I didn’t take your plan seriously, I will work hard in Ad agency, give me one chance. Rekha says what new thing is this, Shlok walks to papa and says I will go office tomorrow, Shlok says Ma I have also called in house costume assistant.

Shlok remembers, Shraddha that call didi to your office for costume designer interview, and when she will spend whole time with you, she will fall for you.Anjali denies to go to interview thinking about Ajooba, Shraddha and Aaji force her, Aaji says I will take care of Ajooba. Anjali reaches Ad agency, Shlok sees her walk in, he walks to her and greets her, Shlok realises it was a dream. Kaka tells Shlok its 10.30. Shlok says Dhruv come out of washroom quickly Anjali will be in agency by 12 please be quick, wont you help me, Dhruv says oh now you want my help, go to Shraddha, Shlok says sorry Dhruv don’t do this.

Anjali reaches agency and stumbles with Rekha, Rekha walks in, all greet her, Rekha goes inside her cabin. Anjali enquires about Shlok for her interview, she is asked to wait. Shlok and Dhruv patch up, Dhruv helps Shlok get ready, Anjali keeps waiting for Dhruv, she asks receptionist about where he is, Receptionist call Rekha, Rekha says ask her to leave, Rekha tells Prabhas she isn’t interested in local designer, and asks to get designer from Delhi.

Anjali gets upset, says you guys have no professionalism, you called me here asked me to wait and now, you are asking me to leave, disgusting, call Mr Shlok I would like to talk to him, anyways let it be and leaving, Shlok gets in and says hi im shlok, where are you going, interview room is this way, Anjali says you don’t know importance of time but I do, I left my Ajooba alone and came here, these Mumbai, Delhi girls might be fit for you but not me, Shlok says ypu are taking me wrong, Rekha sees Shlok and Anjali.Dhruv walks to Anjali and Shlok and says Hi Dhruv here, he is my elder brother, we called you her so that you work with him, fall for him, you know classic love story, he loves you a lot, Anjali gets offended, Anjali slaps Dhruv, Rekha sees that.Rekha asks Prabhas to stop, says I want her attitude, find everything about her,her future is mine now.

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Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 31st January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Doctor says Ajooba needs to go under surgery, Aaji denies. Prabhas tells Rekha Shlok is completely mad about Anjali.

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Telecast Date: 30th January 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


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