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Choti Sardarni 9th September 2021 Seher sees her phone ringing. Dida gets a call from Nikhil. Nikhil says we have to get Seher’s phone. Kunal ran away. Ramila follows her. Dida says ‘shoot’ the phone. Ramila comes there. Dida says forget about the phone. Don’t call me for small things. Ramila asks what are you doing here? She says I got a call.

Nikhil points gun at Kunal. Seher and Rajveerr stand up for rounds. Seher recalls her moments with Kunal. She recalls what he said. Seher I s in tears. Seher faints. Rajveer holds her. Everyone is shocked.

Scene 2
Nikhil puts gun on Kunal’s head and says no one can save you now. He shoots but his bullet is empty. Kunal laughs and says your luck isn’t with you. You couldn’t kill me. Because it’s not easy to kill me. He shoves Nikhil. Kunal says I know it was Rajveer’s plan. You can’t take Seher away from me. she will know Rajveer’s real face soon. You can’t take her away from me. She was mine and she will always be. Nikhil hits him. Watchman tries to stop. Kunal’s head bleeds. Dida takes Seher’s phone.

Seher and Rajveer continue the rounds. Harshdeep steals her phone and tries to delete the voice note. Tricky says this is my Seher’s phone. Give it to me. He takes it from her. Seher and Pram bow down together. Pandit ji says the wedding is over. Congratulations. Karan and Param hug her. they hug Harshdeep. Tricky gives the phone to Seher. He says it was ringing. Dida says if she sees the message it would be trouble. Param takes the phone and says let’s go home.

Pram says didi ji we will bring her soon with bidai. Please prepare for grehparvesh. They take Seher. harshdeep says to Anurita Kunal has sent a message to Seher. The phone is in Karan’s pocket. I want it back. Anurita says how will I get it from him? She says do anything but get it. ramila asks why are you so worried? Seher doesn’t look happy. Harshdeep says be her MIL and teach her how to be a DIL.

Scene 3
Seher comes home. She recalls when she came there for the first time with Meher to look for her dad. Param says we were so happy that day because you came and today you are leaving this house. Seher recalls her moments in the house. Rajveer wipes her tears. Anurita tries to steal the phone from Karan’s pocket. Seher says mama, papa I wish you were with me. Why did you leave me alone?

Anurita tries to steal the phone but Karan walks away. Sehr says Rajveer is my best friend but I don’t know if I will be able to take up this marriage. He will never be my love. Rajveer comes and says sasrikal give me blessings first. I need it the most, have to handle a tusnami. She’s such trouble. She cries and laughs. She talks so much. Seher laughs. He says teach her to talk with love like wives.. Seher hits him. She laughs. Rajveer hugs her.

Scene 4
Karan looks after the arrangements. Anurita tries to pick the phone. He turns back and looks at her. He says what happened? Why are you after me? What’s the plan? he laughs. Anurita recalls what Harshdeep said. She holds his hand. Karan is surprised. Anurita says Seher is married. So my work is over, I got emotional. I am gonna miss you. She hugs him. Karan hugs her back. She steals the phone from his pocket. Karan says I wanted to say something. Remember the day when we met first? Param comes downstairs. He says my heart said you’re the one who’s more important than a friend in my life. He says you won’t say anything? She says leave me first.

Param comes and says Karan.. He leaves Anurita. Karan says I was telling her the menu. He looks at her and smiles. Anurita calls Harshdeep and says I got the phone. She says get it to be. when is bidai? Anurita says soon. Your dream is getting true. Harshdeep says my old dream will be fulfilled. She looks at the toys. She says my Sonu.. My son.. You made me wait so much. You will come back to me soon.

Rajveer says why are you crying Seher? She says have to pretend every day that we love each other? And show to everyone? He says we have to pretend to love and behave like husband and wife. Be under one roof, be in one room, and do all the customs. Seher says how will I do all this? He says don’t cry. He says I told you I am your friend. The friend who will fight the whole world for you. Everything will be fine. I am there for you. Let’s go now. Stop crying. Seher hugs him.


Choti Sardarni 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The bidai starts. Seher walks out of the house. Param and Karan cry. Seher hugs them and says I can’t live without you two. You are my life. Seher is welcomed in Harshdeep’s house.

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Telecast Date:9th September 2021
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