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Choti Sardarni 9th June 2021 Daar ji stands up. He says we will go right now. He takes out a hair from the food. Sarab says this isn’t Meher’s hair. Her hair is long. He says I am not talking about your wife’s long hair but the hair in this food. Meher says please don’t leave food. I will make you a new vegetable. He says I don’t eat this kind of food. Go from here. Sarab says please don’t get mad. Harleen says please. Sarab says Meher will make the vegetable again. He says when I say something it’s final. Sarab says please listen.. He says enough. He says first impression and first bite tell you about someone’s character, habit, love, and everything. One bite told me everything about you. This was your introduction. He says Amrit Kaur pack the bags. Sarab says please listen Daar ji, please.. He goes in. Harleen says I don’t think he would stay. Sarab says I won’t let him go. Param says thank God he’s going back. He is always angry. Meh says elders’ presence is a blessing. Don’t say this. I made this mistake. I will fix it.

Sarab says Daar ji I won’t you go. Please don’t go. You can punish us but please don’t go. You can hit me with this stick. Please don’t go. Sarab says Tai ji, Daar ji please stay. Daar ji asks where is my watch? Meher is going inside. Harleen says you shouldn’t go in front of him. Dolly says he will get angrier. Sarab says Daar ji please listen.. Daar ji says move aside. Meher sits at his feet. Meher says I made the mistake, I should be punished. You can punish me. But Sarab and your grandkids have lived this life without you. After years blessings of elders came to the house. Please don’t take that happiness away from us. Please don’t take away this blessing from us. You can punish me. I will never repeat my mistake. Tai ji says move away Meher. He decided. Daar ji says I have 2 conditions. First, I won’t eat food made by this girl. Second, if there’s any other mistake I will go right away. Do you accept the condition? Meher says yes. Sarab says di make food for Daar ji.

Scene 2
Karan says it was such a good chance. He was going. Param says yes. Seher says he’s elder. Don’t say that. He’s not devil uncle. Karan says he scares papa and mama. He has powers. Karan says let’s start the operation stick break.

Daar ji tries the food. Harleen says do you like the food? He says it’s good. Lentil is a bill watery but it’s good. Take care next time. Rest is all good. Seher says before he came we used to eat with so much fun. Daar ji says did you say anything? Seher says no. He says Chandalchokri. Karan says did you say anything? Dolly says they well-mannered and innocent kids. Param points something at Karan. Karan slides his stick and gives to Param under the table. Daar ji says you three, get up early next morning. The kids cough. He says at 5. The kids say at 5? He says yes I will check your manners at the temple. DO you know how to do paat? They say yes. He says where is my stick? Param says it’s here. It was here. He says so it got feet that it moved on its own. Naughty kids. He leaves.

Sarab asks everyone to come sit and eat. Meher serves to Tai ji. Param says you used to love me so much as a kid. She says don’t I now? Sarab says why didn’t you stop Daar ji? She says you know him. He doesn’t listen to anyone. but his heart. Sarab says but you’re in his heart. She laughs. Harleen says yeah your marriage is like love marriage. Tai ji says it didn’t happen in our times. Is Sarab’s marriage love marriage? Sarab says no arranged but I fell in love right after the wedding and so would you. She’s so pretty. Tai says you’re equally pretty. Sarab says less than you. Meher says I hope you love me the same way you love Meher. She says give me chutney? Dolly says thank God Daar ji didn’t make you part of his conditions otherwise you won’t be able to eat meher’s food. Meher says I will make him eat.

Scene 3
Daar ji looks at his stick and says you are my life. You give my feet strength. You and I have been together for 25 years. Karan says I told you his stick is magical. Param says who massages stick with oil? Seher says the stick will talk back.

Sarab says all ready? Let’s go. Tai ji says where is Meher? Is she sleeping? Girls these days. Sarab, Daari ji, Tai ji and kids come to the temple. The kids do all the rituals. Daar ji is happy to see. Daar ji gives Sarab blessings. Daar ji says these tears? Sarab says you would bring me to this temple on your shoulders. He says you were very naughty just like your kids. But you had the purest heart. You would always come with me. Sarab says we would always do langar. Let’s go do the same today. Sarab, Daar ji and Tai ji sit in te langar. Daar ji asks where are you kids? Sarab says they are doing service. Meher has taught them. Tai ji says why didn’t she come herself then? She is sleeping at home. Sarab says listen please.. They see Meher doing service and serving food with the kids. They are shocked to see her there.

Tai ji says Daar ji said he won’t eat food made by this girl. Daarji says she must not have made the langar. Can’t say no to the langar. She must be serving only. A man says she made it herself. She makes it every weekend. A woman says she is Gill house’s DIL. She serves here often. God give her blessings. Meher comes to serve Daar ji.


Choti Sardarni 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarab says we fixed our mistake this time but we have to be careful we can’t make any mistake. The kids steal the stick and break it. They are happy. Daar ji wakes up and looks for his stick.

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