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Choti Sardarni 9th December 2021 People start bidding. Mr. Chadha says 75 crore. Rajveer says well done. Next bid? A man says 90 crore. Another says 95 crore. Rajveer says wow. This is a palace. Rajveer says 95 crore 1.. 2.. Another man says 97 crores.. We should touch 100 crores. He counts 97 crore 1.. 2..

Seher goes inside. Rajveer says keep bidding guys. Lights go off. People sayw what is happening? Lights spark. Rajveer says let me get the candle. A man says who threw water on me. Rajveer brings the candle. A man says someone slapped me. Meher and Sarab’s picture sparks.

A witch comes in. Everyone is scared. She has open hair. The bidders are scared. They say witch.. Meher’s ghost. It’s Seher. Rajveer says I know it’s your game Seher. Seher comes in. Kulwant and Param scared other people. People start running out. Rajveer takes candle from Seher’s hadn. Seher touches Rajveer’s face. He holds her hand. Rajveer cleans wax from her hand. Seher gets teary.

Scene 2
People run around screaming ghost.. They all run out. Seher says to Rajveer your game is over. Rajveer blows her candle and says not really. Everyone runs out. People say run. This is a horror house. Kulwant says well done. Everyone dances. Kulwant says well done my Seher. You showed you are Meher’s daughter and my grand daughter. Wise and brave. Kids dance around. They say well done Seher didi.

Seher says don’t mess with me again. We are a family. You can’t part us with your problems. We will face all the problems. Rajveer says wow this was your plan? I have a better plan. He says I will sell your house to a private buyer. I can sell your portion. He says you really wanna be my wife right? Be it then. That buyer is coming in two days. You have two options, leave the house peacefully or the new owner will kick you all out. What happened? Be my wife now? NO home, no husband. There will be nothing in this Gill mansion now. NO you, no memeories, no family. Forget about it. Forget about your parents’ memory.

Rajveer dances around the kids and says it’s gonna be fun. Gill mansion will be cut into pieces. Kulwant says don’t you dare. I will teach you a lesson you will remember for life. He says don’t be so angry. You’ve last few days here. Live happily. Don’t shoot your BP. Seher says you have changed a lot. I can’t believe. Rajveer laughs. He says this family is so funny. I’ve been trying to tell you the same.

Seher says my heart knows you’re not what you are trying to show. I know you didn’t sell this house. You’re lying. So I start hating you. I won’t hate you even if God asks me. I know you better than yourself. I know what your eyesa say. The day your tongue and your eyes say the same thing I will trust them. That day I will trust this Raj. Do whatever you want.

Seher shoves Rajveer. Rajveer falls. Seher says are you okay? He says I am fine. Stay away from me. I don’t want your fake concern. I won’t change. This is the real me who doesn’t care about you. He breaks things. Rajveer goes to his room. He says you have two days do your packing. Param says enough. Seher stops Param. Seher says if he thinks he can shatter my strength like this he won’t succeed. Kulwant says this is my Seher’s house. She came here and raised her kids.

Param says to Karan are you happy now? You were taking his side. I should never have expected this house and Seher’s better from you. You can’t think good for her. Karan says are you saying this because we are not the same blood? THat I don’t care about this house, Seher or you. Param says if you cared about me you would have been with me and spoken to Seher instead of helping Seher. She can’t see anything but Rajveer. Seher says veer ji don’t say this. You’re my world. He says that world is destroyed.

Scene 3
Rajveer cries in his room. Seher cries outside. Rajveer says Seher please kick me out of your life. I am very helpless. I don’t know what to do. Please kick me out of your life.


Choti Sardarni 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Seher looks for Rajveer. He’s leaving the house. Seher says where is he going? Seher goes after him. Rajveer comes to a girl and says we have to do it as soon as possible. My problem is increasing. I don’t want anyone to know this secret.

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Telecast Date:9th December 2021
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