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Choti Sardarni 8th January 2022 Harleen has called a girl and her family to meet Param. Seher asks Ginni what is this? Ginni says Harleen is looking for a girl for Param. Harleen says meet the most in demand bachelor Param. Rajveer says billu ji meet Karan, another most eligible bachelor. We are looking a girl for him too.

Mrs Balla says what kind of girl do I want. Seher says someone who’s understanding. Like my papa and mama or me and Rajveer. We are one life. We understand each other. Mrs Balla says he can’t even see if you are in the room. Seher says he can feel me. He doesn’t need to see me.

Mrs Balla says okay all girls stand here. She asks Rajveer to find Seher. Harleen says no he’ll get insulted. Rajverr walks past the girls and stops at Seher. Rajveer hears her bangles. He stops near another girl. Seher is scared. Rajveer touches Seher’s face. Seher hugs Rajveer. Seher I knew you can find me. He says our souls are tied. How couldn’t I. Rajveer says I don’t need eyes to see you. She hugs him. Everyone claps.

Scene 2
Seher comes to guru ji in a tractor. He says i told you not to come here. Seher says please treat my husband. He says I don’t want to see anyone related to Meher. seher says why? He says I don’t need to answer you. Seher says until you agree to help I won’t go anywhere. He says want to know what Meher did? Come with me.

Mrs. Balla says I will show many options. Ginni says but you haven’t any. You’re only eating. She says see these pictures. Ginni says let me send photos to mummy ji. Harleen says we will choose the perfect girl for Param. We will find the best royal girl for Param. Ginni says how can you do it alone? Rajveer says you’re doing it for both of them. How sweet. Find the best girls for both of them.

Guru ji says sit here and see this. This ie what Meher did. Seher sees Meher’s photos learning from him.

Scene 3
Harleen says this Raj is blackmailing me. Robbie says we have to shatter his confidence. Harleen says I’ll humiliate him so much he will have no confidence left.

Guru ji says I taught meher all my knowledge. I thought she will help people and she ended up marrying sarab. She backstabbed me. Seher says she treated many people. She married papa but what was wrong with it? I’m also a wife. My husband met an accident and he lost his vision. You are my last hope. You can be mad at my mom but how can you leave us like this?


Choti Sardarni 8th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Seher says to Raj when you can’t see, touch things. She trains him. Seher says you’ll heal soon.

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