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Choti Sardarni 8th January 2021 Sarab says I like new year’s morning better than new year’s night. It feels like a new beginning. I would design a calendar with so many 1st Jan. Meher says it’s important because of resolutions as well. Sarab says what’s the resolution? Meher says to be closest to my kids. Param says I have also made two resolutions. I won’t spill my milk in the washbasin. Meher and Sarab are shocked. I will never do that again. And I will prostrate every day. Sarab says I am perfect so I need no new year resolution. Meher says I will tell you what your new year’s resolution would be. Param brings a pen and paper. Sarab writes, Meher says I won’t throw a wet towel on the bed, I won’t use the phone on charge, I won’t at my wife while driving. Sarab says I glance. Meher says you won’t. He says not possible. I can’t write until I see you. Meher says the day you hit your car will know. Write it. Meher says 4th, no AC on 18 degrees. Meher says 25. Sarab says 18. Param says don’t fight. Nani says what you do at the beginning of each year you have to do it every year.

Scene 2
Kulwant gives a car to Yuvi as a gift. Ginni says my gift? Kulwant says you will do what I say. What you do on the first day, you do it the rest of the year. Fix my clothes. Ginni says I will be heavy on you then. I don’t know how to do all this. Kulwant says stare at me, if you blink before me you will have to fix my trouble. Ginni blinks. Kulwant says I won. Keep your eyes down all year.

Sarab writes resolution 5, I will love my wife more than last year. I will always keep her happy. I will snig to convince her. Harleen gives a gift to Param.

Kulwant says you tore my trouser. I did what you said. Give me my gift. She says this trouser was for you but you tore. Yuvi says don’t mess with dadi. Param says Harleen bua gave me a tab. Meher says it’s not his age to play with a tab.. He is always watching TV. Meher says to return it Param. I will get you a puzzle. Param says I am big. I will play with it. Harleen says it’s okay I will get him what he likes. Let him keep it. He asked everyone for the phone to make one video call. Meher says Param is too young. Don’t worry. He’s my child. I care for him. Sarab says let him be, he’s excited.

Meher goes towards the kitchen but faints. Sarab and Harleen run to her. The doctor checks Meher and says she’s weak. Her iron is low. Did she not eat properly? Harleen recalls they were out. Meher says I am fine. Sarab says sorry, it’s all my mistake. Meher says don’t blame yourself. He says I failed. You ate the least to feed us. I should have gotten that day. Meher says don’t say that. Sarab says I won’t be able to forgive myself. Harleen says Meher get rest. She takes Param with her. Meher says Param, don’t forget your tuition class. Harleen says don’t worry. Meher says he missed a lot of classes.

Param plays on the tab. He says class time. I don’t want to skip, can I skip it today? Harleen says don’t worry.

Scene 3
Jagga calls his employee and says you didn’t prepare the ledger? How will I do it? Amrita shows him the sheet. He says who did it? Amrita says I did. Check it. He checks the ledger. Meher says can I get a job as an accountant in your firm? He says what salary would you take? Amrita hugs him.

Sarab brins food for Meher and makes her eat. Meher says you get so worried on small things. If I fall sick seriously.. He says don’t say that. He makes her eat. Meher says Param, did he eat? Sarab says he’s with Harleen.

Harleen gives the burger to Param. He says I feel like it’s my birthday. Param’s teacher calls Meher. She says Param didn’t attend the class today. He skipped it today and said he’s out. Meher is shocked. Meher comes to Param and snatches the tab. Harleen says what is this way?


Choti Sardarni 9th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher says his tests are close. Harleen we don’t have to make him a lecturer. Sarab says what are you saying? Harleen says she’s taking it somewhere else. Sarab says to Meher he’s a kid don’t worry. Meher says Harleen’s behavior is weird.

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