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Choti Sardarni 8th February 2021 Sarab says my heart says she’s close. She will come back. Harleen says why would she leave if she had to come back? Sarab says she must be helpless and I want to be with her. Harleen says don’t be stubborn. He says this is love. He says won’t you be happy if Meher comes back? She says I would be but life can’t stop. I am not unrealistic.

Scene 2
Seher welcomes all the kids. She makes them wear scarves. Karan says no girls. She says what do you mean? Wear a scarf. My mama asked me to be nice to guests otherwise I would remind you of your grandmom. Wear it. he says no. Seher says wear it. Meher says Seher, don’t fight with guests. She says he wasn’t wearing the scarf, Meher says she’s my daughter. Karan says I don’t talk to girls. His watch plays mantra. All kids pray with him. Meher also prays with him. He says my paoa gave ne this watch. Seher says don’t show off. When my papa comes from the mountains he will get me a better watch. Karan says what’s the biggest mountain here? Meher says come let me show you. He says I said no girls. I will see it myself. He sees mountains from binoculars.

Bitu and Rana are also in Kashmir. Rana says this place is heaven. She sent her here to kill Karan. She will send us to London to kill Param. Kulwant calls. Ginni says is it done? Should we out garland on Karan’s photo? Bitu says we were just going you called. Kulwant says my son and DIL had a garland on their photos. Put it on Karan’s. When Meher will see her kids dying, only then I will sleep. If you make any mistake I will put you both on snow. Yuvi says what if you die before them? Kulwant says I am preparing you. He says I promise you dadi, I will kill them all and avenge the death of my parents.

Sarab asks his detective to find about all the Mehers who flew from the city. He says the two I found were very old. There is another Meher who is 28 and flew to Jamu. Sarab says I am sure that’s my Meher. Get her details. Sarab says I will only keep looking at my Meher ji. And all the pain will go away. I will make her promise that she will never go away from me. We will all live together.

Sarab video calls on Karan’s phone. Seher picks the phone. She says sasrikaal. Sarab is shocked to see her face. Sarab says who are you? She says I am Seher from Telgam. We are managing the school trip. Sarab says my son is part of the trip. Seher says that bad boy is your son. Didn’t you teach your son manners how to talk to girls? Sarab says what happened? She says he didn’t respond to my hello or welcome. I gave him scarf and he said no girls. Sarab says that’s wrong. Seher says that’s your mistake. My mama says kids do what their parents teach. Sarab says don’t worry. I will scold him. Seher says one more thing.. Karan comes and says how dare you touch my phone. Seher shoves him. She leaves. Karan says papa, I found snow mountains. There is a fairy there. Sarab says first be respectful to girls around you. He says I don’t like scarcves. Sarab sees Meher’s side on the video. Karan says what happened? Sarab is shocked. Sarab says turn the camera around. He moves it on the wrong side. Sarab says right. Someone else comes there. Meher walks away. Sarab says my heart says Meher is around. Sarab says take care Karan.

Meher asks kids to go inside, lunch is ready. Karan says two more puris. Seher says he eats so much. He already ate 6 puris. Meher says never count food. Your papa always said guests are God sent. Go and give him the puris. Kaul comes, Seher hugs him. Kauls says how is it going Seerat? She says my heart gets so happy to feed kids. He says I have seen you smiling like this for the first time. What is it? Meher says I don’t know. He says in heart it makes me happy as well. May God keep you smiling like this forever.

Seher gives puris to Karan. He says the food is so yummy. Bring vegetables as well. Seher says bad boy. Kaul gives cash to Meher and says the school gave this advance. Meher says thank God. Seher says he will eat all the food, now he wants vegetable. Meher says go give it. Seerat mixes spices in the food. Karan scream spices. He coughs. Seher laughs. Meher comes running out. She recalls how Sarab used to be the same after eating spices. Meher holds him. He says no girls. Meher says sorry but we have to make you better. She brings jalebis and makes him eat those. Seher tells Kaul she did it. She laughs. Kaul says you naughty girls. Seher doesn’t like Meher taking care of Karan.

Scene 3
Sarab tells his staff to get the whole house ready as per Meher’s choices. She says di, I am sure the Jammu one is Meher. My heart says it. Mittal calls him. Harleen says what happened? Pick the call. Sarab smiles. He says I waited 5 years for this news. Mittal says sorry sir but that isn’t the same Meher. She has a daughter too. She went to Jammu with her daughter. The phone falls from his hands. Harleen says what happened? Sarab sits down.

Meher looks at Karan reading stories. She smiles. Meher says what are you doing? His photo with Sarab falls in Meher’s feet.

Sarab says what did I ask for that God isn’t giving me. I only wanted my Meher ji back and Karan Param their mom. Param has seen Meher. Karan, he hasn’t been with Meher at all. When will he get his mother’s love? Meher sees the photo, it’s upside down. Meher picks it.

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