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Choti Sardarni 15th August 2020 Sarab says he (Karan) has become your friend. Vikram says yes weird. People think of me as their enemy mostly. Meher talks to Param. He says when will you come home? Meher says when the bigger arm of the clock is on 12 and smaller on 6. Param says I love you, mama. Meher says I love you more. Karan gets a call. He says I am sorry, I didn’t ask you to sit. Have a sit. He picks the call and says, hi sweetheart. Can I call you back in some time? He hangs up. Meher looks in the door but the manager stops him and says you can’t go inside. She couldn’t see Vikram’s face. Vikram sees in the camera and asks who’s she? Sarab says she’s my wife. Meher’s face isn’t visible. Vikram says you came here with the entire family. Sarab says we had to take Karan for his vaccination. And Karan was crying she was on call so I brought him here. Vikram asks his man to bring Mrs. Gill. Sarab says it’s okay. I will give Karan to give. Sarab gives Karan to Meher and comes back.

Vikram says everything spoken here is recorded so people don’t disown their words in the court. He alerts the anti-corruption department. Vikram says are you ready? Sarab nods.

Scene 2
Sister gives Kulwant medicine. She says take 500 and bring me parathas. Nurse says are you mad? Kulwant says you mad. Rana brings her bananas. She says bring me good tasty food. Amrita comes in with Aditi. Aditi says you didn’t eat your medicine? She says it’s too bitter. Aditi says you rest, sister tie her with bed belt. Kulwant says am I crazy? Aditi says no. People who call you crazy are crazy. Kulwant sleeps. Aditi says if you want her to be well, someone has to be here. Amrita says who? Aditi says Manav. Amrita says Manav? Aditi says she has been taking his name since she came here. Her condition will improve if Manav comes here. Aditi leaves. Rana faints.

Param says it’s 6:30 and mama papa aren’t back. Mama said she will be back by this time. Meher waits for Sarab. Sarab says to Vikram I hope I answered all your questions with proofs. Vikram says I closing the file not the case. This is your truth, we will inquire how true this truth it. I will cross check everything in this file. You can’t step back from your word. Entire Punjab knows you keep your word. Sarab says thank you. Vikram says how is your mother in law? Sarab stops. Vikram says did she attack anyone again? Sarab says attack? What are you trying to say? Vikram says I didn’t know you can scam and act both. Sarab says what do you mean? Vikram says your MIL attacked me last night. She fled from the hospital. Your wife came to the police station to save her mother. She didn’t tell you? I thought your family is close-knit. They didn’t tell you such a big thing? Vikram says mummy ji attacked you? Meher went to the police station? Vikram says don’t you speak to Mrs. Gill? Did she tell you that she called me from the police station and begged pardon? She told me that your MIL is ill and she got an injury on her head. I didn’t feel good. She’s an old sick woman. But informing police was my duty. I forgave her and let it go. Just her, not you.

Sarab comes out. Meher says how was the investigation? Sarab says let’s go from here. Meher says what happened? He says let’s go, please. Vikram looks at Meher from the camera and says chess is played with both king and queen. This will be fun.

Scene 3
Sarab says I am mad at mama papa. They didn’t even come on time. Harleen says that doesn’t matter. They will come and you will melt in a second. Param says no I am super big now. They won’t be able to convince me now.

Vikram calls Aditi. She says did you arrest Sarab? Vikram says I will remember this day. You didn’t say hello baby, darling, love or anything. You straightaway asked something. She says I just.. Vikram says you would say you just wanted to see me win. I knew it. I know you so well. Aditi says Meher and Sarab had to come to me for Karan’s vaccination. If you arrested Sarab, I won’t have been able to do the vaccination. I would go to his place and give Karan vaccination. I don’t think a child should suffer for his father’s sins. Vikram says he came with all the preparations. The file is compact, whoever made it is very intelligent. But the scam did happen and I will investigate it. I will keep an eye on his office, his party people and his family members. I want to know what happened in his past. Aditi says can I help you in this case?

Scene 4
Meher says Sarab what is it? Why are you so silent? I have never seen you so worried. What are you hiding? He says me hiding? Did you even think that incident could impact me and this case so bad. He stops the car. Sarab says I was so happy when Vikram told me that mummy ji attacked him last night and I was so proud when he told me proudly that your wife called and begged for pardon. So much happened and no one bothered to tell me? Neither you nor mummy ji. Meher says I have been.. Sarab says I am not done yet. Sarab recalls Meher was trying to tell him something important. Sarab says I am sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that. I know you tried to tell me something but I didn’t listen. Meher is in tears. Meher says please don’t say sorry. He says I am sorry, it’s my mistake. I didn’t even listen to you at all and then I was being rude to you. Meher says no it’s okay. Sarab says no I insist you punish me. Meher says okay do 3 ups and downs and say I am sorry Meher. He says what? Meher says yes. He does it. Meher giggles and says, good boy. Meher says now say that Meher we will go to.. Sarab repeats. Meher says Aditi’s clinic and then you will get me ice cream. Sarab repeats. Meher says, good boy. He says wow she fools me into saying things. Meher says what did you say? He says nothing. Meher says let’s go.


Choti Sardarni 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher and Sarab are at home. Vikram comes there. Meher sees him in the mirror. He comes in front of Meher and faints. Meher screams Manav.

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