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Choti Sardarni 7th October 2021 Seher says where are you taking this discussion? We are a family. We always have to be there for each other. Didi ji has suffered so much. If you knew you won’t talk like this. Life has been unfair to us. Karan says what about us? Param says hasn’t life been unfair to us? Param says didi ji you can ask for our heads for all the favors you’ve done but such a big price.. we lost our parents in childhood.

It’s easy to say but living life without parents is tough. Only we know that. We are a bond. Seher’s child is very important for us. Even if God asks us for him we won’t give him. It was our parent’s dream to see her being a mom. We can’t give that dream to you. Her child will remain with her. Only her.

Param sits and cries and says please didi ji. This child is special for us. Our parent’s dream. Karan says we don’t need their permission. We have told them our decision. Let’s go from here. Enough. Seher says please listen.. this is my decision. I want you to be with me in it. Karan takes Param from there. Sehr says please. Karan says when you change your decision let us know. We will wait. Seher says to Param please Veer ji.. he leaves her hand and they go. Seher cries. Rajveer hugs her. Seher cries. Rajveer takes her inside.

Scene 2
Badi bi asks Param and Karan did Haarsh agree? Did Seher agree? I knew she won’t say no to her brothers.. Why are you both silent? They say she didn’t.

Rajveer gives Seher water. Seher says I have gone against Param. I feel so week. They are not with me in this decision. Rajveer says they love you. I can’t let you shatter like this. I told before too.. My troubles shouldn’t create trouble in your life and relations. I have to talk to dida. Seher holds his hand and says no. They hear Harsh singing lullaby. Seher says we can’t break her heart. You won’t say no to her. I can’t live in this guilt.

Karan says how can we live in this guilt that we couldn’t take care of our sister? I can’t tolerate this. Her baby can’t be taken away from her. Read this diary. He reads Meher writing we will celebrate Seher’s baby’s birthday in Gill mansion. Karan says how will we fulfill our mama’s dreams? We have to take a strong decision. Param says you are right. We have to make a strong decision.

Rajveer says but Karan and Param are right too. They care about you. I promise you before me.. Karan and Param have right on this baby. Harshdeep says only I will have right on this child. If Param and Karan come in my way they can’t believe what I can do to remove them.

Scene 3
Anurita calls Param. she says why do you sound low? He says I don’t feel like talking. Let’s talk tomorrow. Anurita wonders what happened to him. Karan calls Anurita. She asks is everything okay? Karan tells her that didi ji wants Rajveer and Seher to give their child to her. I know you don’t want to talk to me and hate me but we need your help. We both need your help. We know you’re really close to didi ji. We have to find a way to pressurize her. Someone close to her can do that. You can help us. Please..

for Param’s happiness help us. She says what? He says I know you guys bond together very well. Please Anu.. Anurita says I will try. Didi ji doesn’t change her decision. Let me think. He says thank you. Karan says no matter what issues are between you and me Anu but for now most important thing is my sister Seher.

Nikhil come and says what were you saying? Going against didi ji? SHe is our God. She picked us from the road. Do you even know what it means to go against her?

Scene 4
Rajveer says Seher we will go to Karan and Parma tomorrow and sort is out with them. Seher says my head really hurts. Rajveer asks the maid to bring the medicine.

Anurita says she did give us a life but she made us do so much in return. She made you kill Kunal. If his case opens up she won’t take a second to trap you in it. What’s happening with Seher and her brothers is wrong. They are good people. We have done enough for didi ji. It’s time to do the right thing. In this matter, I will help Param and Karan.

Rajveer gives Seher medicine. He says let me call the doctor. Harsh comes with oil and says don’t call the doctor. Rajveer says her head hurts. She says I am here. Harsh massages Seher’s head. She says like Raj is my child so are you. When a child hurts, mummy massages her head. This is your home.

Seher recalls how her mom used to massage her head. Harshdeep says Seher do you know what it’s like to be a CM? 24/7 work. Too much tension but I always prioritized my family above it. Who else is my family besides you two. Since you came here, my happiness has doubled. You’re my child. My daughter. I know your brothers are upset with me, I am a little hurt too. But we are family. Whatever you think is right, do it. If my fate doesn’t have being a mom written, then it’s okay. Seher says please don’t say that. I will never back out from my promise. Your heart is made of gold. I will fulfill my promise.


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