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Choti Sardarni 7th January 2021 Meher says Arti I am with you. Tarkash says don’t be scared of anyone Arti. Tell the truth. This is about my humanity. Please tell them the truth, Arti says this is all a lie. I never met Meher before today. Never have I spoken to her. Tarkash loves me and Ritu. He has never hit us. Meher says I know why you lied today. But I am proud. The battle a mother couldn’t fight, a daughter did. She said the truth when the mother couldn’t. She says to Sarab you wanted proof right? Come with me. Meher comes downstairs and says I will show you all a video when Param called his friends. They video called Param’s friends. Yuvi said why are you not talking Ritu? Ritu said my papa asked me not to talk to anyone otherwise he will hit my mom.

Param said your mama can’t hit your mom. He’s so nice. Papa said it’s a sin to hit women. My papa treats my mom with love all the time and kiss her. Yuvi says eys my papa never hits my mom. Does your papa hit your mom? Ritu said papa hits my mom all the time. Daily, on small things. He hits me now as well. He doesn’t want me to make friends or dance. I danced today, papa hit mummy with ghungro. Meher cunty came so mama was saved otherwise.. Please don’t tell anyone all this. Everyone is shocked. Ritu said don’t tell anyone I told you this. Papa said if we tell anyone he will hit us a lot. He hits mama so much, she bleeds. Mama is always scared and cries all night. Param said don’t cry. No one can harm you in Param’s house.

Param says we are here to protect. My mama papa will protect you. Like they did to my friends. Say happy near year.

Sarab is teary. Meher looks at him. Sarab grasps Tarkash’s collar and is about to slap him. Sarab shoves him on the floor. He falls at Arti’s feet. Sarab says God has given the highest rank to women. Men and women are equal/ Who are you to hit a woman and prove she’s weak. What you’ve done can never be tolerated by a true Sikh and human. And today, Arti will make you realize the same power. Tarkash holds his hand in front of Arti and says Arti please forgive me. I made a huge mistake. I have hurt you a lot. I am your husband, can’t you forgive me? Arti makes him stand up. She says please don’t apologize. Meher says very nice. Today every woman would be proud of you for how wise you are. Your husband apologized and you forgave him and saved your family. And the way you begged him to not hit you, did he ever stop? Did he ever listen to you? The bigger sin is to tolerate it. Recall every night he hit you when you were scared when you cried. Be brave. Fight for your daughter if not yourself. If you stay silent today he will do the same with your daughter.

Arti recalls him hitting Ritu. Meher says would you be okay with that? Do you want Ritu to suffer through the same hell? Arti slaps Tarkash. She says I don’t want to live with this beast. She screams and says he’s an animal. Sarab asks security to get him arrested. Tarkash says Sarab forgive me. Arti says to Ritu no one will hit us now. That monster has been sent to jail and your Meher aunty saved us. Ritu smiles. Arti hugs her. Sarab says Ritu, you and Meher have given strength to every woman who suffers but stays silent. You three are an example and I am very proud.

Sarab says to Meher thank you Meher ji. He sings a poem, yes I made a mistake, I rest my head on your feet, I will cross the limit and will die if you don’t forgive me. Meher puts her hand on his face. He says smile. Meher smiles. Everyone claps. Meher feels nausetic.

Scene 2
Meher prays for her family the next morning. Amrita calls her. Amrita says you are great. You changed Arti and Ritu’s life. And with your idea, I am going to start anew. I have made the transport sheet. Meher says show it to Jagga. He will be so happy. Meher’s head hurts. Amrita says are you okay? Meher says yes my head hurts. Amrita says you don’t take care of yourself. Meher says I will be fine.

Meher comes to Sarab and sees him sleeping. Meher opens curtains. Param and Sarab say please let us sleep. Meher says sardar ji get up. Sarab pulls her close.


Choti Sardarni 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher takes tab from Param. Harleen says return his tab. Meher says it’s his class. Harleen says not attending one class won’t fail him. I gave him one tab and everyone is against it.

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