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Choti Sardarni 6th May 2022 Episode starts with Zoravar is in the car, and recalls Dolly and Scarlet’s words. He comes to Kulwant’s house insearch of Mannat and asks his Manager if she stays here. Mannat gives lemon water to Baljeet. Baljeet thanks him. Zoravar comes inside. Mannat gets worried seeing him and comes to him,

asking why did he come here? He says I came to meet you and asks what is she doing in Kulwant aunty’s house. Mannat burns something so that her father don’t see Zoravar. She asks him to go. Zoravar says I came to return your favor and says my personal investigator will search your family.

Mannat asks him to solve his personal problems. Zoravar says I came to know everything about your father, and says he is Baljeet. Baljeet asks who is he? He couldn’t see Zoravar. Zoravar asks if Bittu uncle is your father. Mannat says she don’t want his help and asks Zoravar to go. A boy comes and asks with whom you are talking? Mannat says to myself. Baljeet says villagers will tie you to tree,

thinking she is possessed. Mannat asks Zoravar to keep the truth to himself and says I am not Mannat now, but Manpreet. Zoravar says there is not much difference between the two names. Karan comes near Mannat to get his ball. Mannat gives his ball. Zoravar asks why she wants to hide the truth. Mannat says she don’t want his help. He forwards his hand. Mannat shakes her with him.

Zoravar says I will not tell anyone, and will remember that you are Manpreet and not Mannat. He asks her to stay away from him and not to interfere in his company work. mannat gets angry and says he shall fall in muddy water. Zoravar steps his foot in mud and then goes.

Gini and Jeetu tell Seher that they talked about Manpreet’s alliance with someone, but Kulwant got angry and said that she will not get her married to any other guy. Seher realizes Manpreet is Mannat and sees Kulwant feeding food to Mannat with her hand. She gets teary eyes and emotional.

She thinks she is Mannat, my sister and thinks to hug her, but stops herself thinking Nani haven’t told her. She thinks to make Kulwant say everything to her. Mannat gets a call and tells Kulwant that she will go and meet the workers. Seher hides. Mannat goes. Seher comes to Kulwant and asks if she is having food alone. Kulwant says she was hungry so thought to eat. Seher says work load increased for you,

as tenant came. Kulwant says yes. Seher says don’t mind, why did you bring Manpreet here? Kulwant says what to think, she has given support to her. Seher says she got her family, you got your grand daughter and I got my sister. She says I mean to say she is like your grand daughter. Kulwant says you are right. Seher thinks to make her confess that Manpreet is Mannat.

The workers’ husbands try to make them understand to agree to work on machines. Mannat says they run your house, and wants their happiness which is in their art. The husbands tell that they have to feed their stomach. He says Zoravar is generous to send machines, so that they can do the work and save time.

Zoravar comes there and asks why she is interfering. She says she will interfere wherever something wrong happens. The workers tell that they don’t want to compromise. Zoravar asks them to think that art will give them peace and money will give them comfort in their lives. Mannat asks them not to listen to him and says you will repent. She says I already got them a new contract and says he has given us,

our first order. A guy comes there. She says these women will work for him now. Mannat says they can start working from tomorrow and this company is giving them more money than your company. Zoravar says how they will run house with just one order. He tells that he will open his factory. Mannat says I will see.

Zoravar recalls his father’s negative words towards him. He breaks the glass window in anger. Mannat runs to see his injured hand. She takes turmeric from the aarti plate and applies on his hand. He takes back his hand. Mannat says if you lesser your pain inside, then your problems will go away. He goes away and tries to start his car. Mannat smiles as he gets down and walks away.

Seher calls Kulwant outside and says I found my sister Mannat. Kulwant asks if she came to know that Manpreet is Mannat. A girl comes there and hugs Kulwant, calling her Dadi. Kulwant says she is not Mannat and fooling you. Seher says she has the same mark on the hand. Kulwant says this is ink mark, I will wash it with water.

She washes her hand. Seher says she is Mannat. Kulwant says she can’t be Mannat, as Manpreet is Mannat. Seher says I knew that Manpreet is Mannat, just wanted to know from your mouth.

Kulwant apologizes and says I should have told you before. Seher says ok. Mannat comes there and says we shall go home together. Kulwant tells her that Seher. Mannat asks if they were going for shopping. Kulwant says Seher came to know everything. Seher hugs Mannat. Mannat looks on emotional.


Choti Sardarni 7th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Seher reveals the truth to the family members that Manpreet is Mannat, Bittu Mama’s daughter. Everyone is shocked.

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Telecast Date:6th May 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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