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Choti Sardarni 5th September 2020 Sarab says this is the most important part of the festival. Now the brothers would give gifts to their sisters. First Param and Karan will give. Param says but Khushi did isn’t home. She’s at dadi’s place. Param says but you can give it to Harleen bua. Karan and Param give gifts to Harleen. Sarab gives gifts to Harleen and hugs her. Aditi says she’s so lucky. Rana, Bitu and Jagga give gifts to Meher. Sarab gives gifts to Aditi. Meher says what is going on in Vikram’s mind. Aditi gets a call and goes out. Kulwant says who is this last basket for? Kulwant says why is it kept separately? Harleen says no di. Don’t be upset. We are all together after so long.

Sarab says we want to tell you all something. Something we never told anyone. Aditi it out. Sarab says this is for our other sister. We have another sister. Circumstances took her away from us. We want her to get all her rights. We will find her for sure. Aditi is on a call with another doctor for an emergency case. She doesn’t listen. Sarab says we will find our sister. We will give her all the love and respect our dad wanted to give her. Kulwant says do you have any idea of her name? Harleen says our dad used to call her Guddi. Vikram recalls Guddi written on the photo at Aditi’s place. Sarab says she has a black round birthmark at the back on her neck. Vikram recalls Aditi has it. He makes a video. Sarab says our dad wrote a poem, and only three of us know it. Amrita say what was it? Sarab and Harleen read the poem. He says Guddi knows the other part of it. Vikram records everything.

Aditi says I am coming. It’s an emergency. Param says don’t worry papa. Meher mama told me what’s next. Don’t cry, don’t worry. We live happily together and there shouldn’t be any sadness. Jagga say don’t worry. You will find your Guddi. Amrita says we are all with you. vikram says this means Aditi is Guddi. I found something useful.

Scene 2
Aditi says what happened to Sarab? Vikram stops her. He says in heart I will talk to her about the Guddi thing on the right time. He says Sarab si emotional because he has all family members together. Aditi says Sarab, are you in tears? He says no. I was wondering when will my sister Aditi get married. Aditi says it has time. Aditi says I have an emergency at the hospital. I have to leave. Vikram says I will go after dinner. Aditi says no jokes. You are going with me. She takes him from there.

Aditi says what’s wrong with you? You know what happened there yet you wanted to stay till dinner? Meher hears it. She recalls Aditi didn’t want him to come as well. Sarab says what happened? Meher says you spoke about their wedding but I feel like something is wrong between them. Aditi didn’t want him to come here. Something isn’t right between them. Sarab says don’t worry. You also considered me a kidnapper when we met first at the temple. Meher says it isn’t like that. I observed them today. They didn’t talk to each other. Something isn’t right between them.

Aditi says you go, I will come later. Aditi says please, you have already embarrassed me a lot today already. Promise me you won’t go inside again. Vikram says why would I? I was just saying I will go to the office in my car. You go to the hospital. Relax. She leaves. Vikram takes something from the driver.

Sarab says Amrita bhabhi when will Yuvi come back? Amrita says he will come back today from his nani’s place. Kulwant says where did he go? That Man.. I mean that CBI officer. Why do you let him in? Sarab says I don’t fear him. Because I have nothing to hide. And he came today as Aditi’s fiance and a guest. Don’t worry. Jagga says I will keep coming to Atati. I will be a little busy with the other shop. Meher says you have to call me every day. He says why wouldn’t I? Param says mama, Karan is crying. Meher goes upstairs.

Vikram is outside in his car. He says to Jagga it was nice meeting you. His tyre bursts. He put a nail under it himself. Kulwant says I know he’s doing a drama. He must have done this himself. Vikram says Jagga jican you drop me on your way back? Jagga says sure. He sits in the car. Rana and Kulwant sit in the same car as well. MEher says to Jagga you forgot your phone isnide. She sees Vikram in the car. Jagga says his car broke. So we are dropping him. Vikram says don’t worry, I won’t eat them. Meher says we will send him in the other car. Jagga says don’t worry. We will drop him on our way.

Scene 3
Harleen packs up everything. She asks Meher what happened? Meher says this Vikram doesn’t look like a nice person. Harleen says yes same. What happened? She says he was with Jagga. His tyre punctured. He keeps doign weird things, peeks in. Harleen says I noticed him making Sarab’s video at the function. You shouldn’t have invuted him. Meher says I asked him not to come in. Sarab let him him in and said he’s a guest. I don’t know what is he gonna do now.

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