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Choti Sardarni 5th October 2020 Param cries and says Meher mama take me from here. I miss you a lot. Param cries and recalls his moments with Karan, Meher and Sarab. Param recalls Meher said to take care of Karan and call God when he’s in trouble. Meher and Sarab also pray.

Manav calls Surya and says could you find Param?

Surya says we will find Param soon. I am coordinating with CBI. Surya says complete your work and come back soon. Talk to Aditi. Aditi says hello, Manav hangs up. Aditi says network issue, it disconnected. Surya says when he’s tensed with work he behaves like that. Don’t mind. Aditi says it’s okay, I am going to Harleen di with mom.

Manav is with his officer. He says the case was closed sir, why are we looking for Meher and Sarab then? Manav says it’s a secret mission. He says sir I inquired in all the hotels, they didn’t check-in anywhere. He says find out about the case that was against them.

Scene 2
Meher and Sarab are on the road. A police officer comes and asks them for passport. Sarab says it’s not with us. We have all the documents. They are about to arrest them. Sarab says please don’t arrest us. Martha says officer wait. They are my relatives. Don’t arrest them. Sarab says what happened to her.

Martha brings Sarab and Meher home. Angel is moving her legs. She says it was action not reaction. Her legs are moving. Angel says I had so much pain yesterday. Meher says get something you have to bear some pain. Martha says if my daughter doesn’t get completely well, I will kick you both out.

Martha’s lawyer comes. Martha says Mr. Gupta, he says the case you filed on Meher is delayed by one day. Would you take any compensation? She says even if God comes and asks me to forgive that Meher, I won’t. Meher and Sarab look at each other.

Scene 3
Kulwant calls Micheal. He says I couldn’t find about Micheal, I will go myself. Harleen says this 40 crore. Aditi gives 5 crore. Harleen says I can’t take money from you. Aditi says nothing is more important than Param. Kulwant says I will give 5 crore. Call the Bichu. Harleen calls Bichu and says your money is ready but first let me speak to Param. He says you prepared 100 crore so fast. Harleen says what? You asked for 50 crore. He says when you didn’t inform police. Give us 100 crore now. If you don’t arrange it or inform police, you will find his pieces. Param cries and says Harleen bua I want to come home. Please save me. Harleen says why have you tied him, release him. You will get your money back. Harleen cries.

Meher picks her phone. Sarab says what if Martha sees. Meher says I want to speak to Param. Robbie calls Meher. Martha comes there. Martha says I told you no phone calls. Meher says I requested you, I haven’t spoken to kids in 2 days. She says take permission after you’re done with work. Rules are rules. She takes the phone back.

Harleen cries and says Robbie sell everything, I will give everything for Param. Robbie says we can’t arrange that money in a day. Aditi says but Param is already in such a bad condition. Harleen says we made a mistake by involving police. Manav says to Seema don’t worry. I have seen many such cases. I won’t let anything happen to Param.

Meher says to Angel you will have to drink this. She says it’s so bitter I won’t drink it. Meher says but this will get you better. Angel says you drink it then. Meher says if I drink with you, will you? Angel says okay. Meher says my son Param is just like you. He kept the same demand that if I drink, he will drink. She says we closed our noses and drank. Meher and Angel drink it. Martha says Sherry take my stuff in the car, I have to go somewhere. Sarab goes with her.

Manav’s officer says this is Vishal’s address, Meher’s lawyer. Manav says I am coming Meher.


Choti Sardarni 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher and Sarab come close. Manav comes there.

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