Choti Sardarni 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni Written Update

Choti Sardarni 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Choti Sardarni Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 5th November 2019 Episode Start With Kernal says Meher I have a way to stop all this.Kernal says Nirja has two issues. Param isn’t brought up right here. And the other is that Simran is forgotten. Kernal says so there is a test. Param has to pass this test. Meher and Kernal explain the test to Sara. Meher says Param would pass this test and prove that he is brought upright. Sarab says he won’t take any tests. Sarab leaves. Nirja says are you done Kernal? Let’s go now. We will see him in the court.

Meher says Sarab it’s only a test. Sarab says we don’t need to prove anything. Meher says this is our test too. If she thinks Param isn’t brought upright, we have to prove her wrong.
Kernal says to Nirja, relations are made by love and trust for each other. She says so I should trust that test? Kernal says yes. Nirja says not at all. We have lost Simran, her only sign is Param. I can’t lose him over a game.

Meher says this is the challenge we have to accept. We can’t give it up. Kernal says did you try asking Param? would he leave his parents for us? His feelings do not matter to you? Meher is brave and honest like her father. This test would prove her upbringing.
Param says mama what game are you talking about? I want to play it. Sarab nods. Meher says I have to solve Bitu’s problem now.

Scene 2
Meher calls Kulwant in a man’s voice. she says there is a letter for you at the door. Go and check it. Kulwant goes to the door. She opens a letter and is shocked. Meher says if you don’t give us 5 crores 70 lacs, we will send these photos to Sarab. He will divorce your daughter and then you won’t be part of the elections.

Kulwant is worried at night. She says to Jagga arrange 5 and a half crore. I need it. Jagga says I would don’t worry. Kulwant says won’t you ask why? He says your order is like God’s command to me. Kulwant says why are your siblings not like you. Jagga says they love you a lot.

Scene 3
Kernal says after 2 days, Param will give the test. If he passes the test, he will stay with Sarab. If he loses the test, Nirja will get custody. Please sign the sane. Sarab and Nirja sign the paper. Kernal says all the best kids.
Param says papa mama, let’s play carrom. Meher says let’s paint. That is the first test. Meher says I have to go somewhere. Sarab helps Param with painting.

Kulwant says I will kill who tried to blackmail me. Yuvi says dadi who annoyed in the morning? Kulwant says that’s my brave son. Jagga says mummy is everything okay? Kulwant says yes. Bitu sees Kulwant packing the money. He says Meher was right.
Kulwant reads the letter where she has to come there with the money. It says reach that place at 12 and tell that your age is 55. That would be the code. Kulwant wonders how is anyone coming close to the letterbox? and how does he know Kulwant’s exact age? Kulwant says Bitu come here. Kulwant says are you, okay son? He says yes mon why? Kulwant says you don’t even have a fever. She says you never said anything after I asked Jitto’s mom for money? He says now I have realized it was for me.

Param says I want to play. Sarab says we have to do painting practice. Please focus. Param says I want to play. Nirja says come Param, Nani amma will play with you and show you photos. She takes Param with her.
Nirja shows Param photos of London. He says this is such a pretty place. She says this is London. We live there. would you live there? Param says yes I will live there. Sarab says Param, let’s go out. Param ignores. Sarab says I would go alone. Param says okay. Sarab leaves.

Sarab collides with a man. It’s Meher disguised as a man. Meher says I am Happy Singh. Can’t you see when you walk? You look in a bad mood. He says these colors are for my son. He has competition.


Choti Sardarni 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Param says nani mama, nana papa, see this painting I made. Nirja says but we aren’t in it. Param says you’re here in the plan, going back to London. Nirja says you will also go to London with us. He says no, I will stay with my parents. Sarab smiles.


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