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Choti Sardarni 5th January 2022 Seher says how do I look today? He says how can I.. She says you can see me. Rajveer touches her face and says your lips are sweet. Your eyes are black and pretty. They get angry on me sometimes. Seher says and? He says you look so pretty. Seher hugs Rajveer. She says let’s go. She makes him sleeep.

Karan comes to Param. He says you gave this watch to me on my birthday I am here to return it. And this watch. And these shares you can take them back too. And if you want me to sign anything I will. Param says what are you doing?

Karan says so when I leave no one says Gill family had any favor on me. I promised Seher to stay that’s the only reason why I am here. Param says you are jealous right? Because I became Punjab dal’s president? Karan says you are being greedy. Punjab dal was never discussed before Harleen came here.

Param says neither did jail. You sent me to jail. Karan says you didn’t hit me. Kulwant says enough. Don’t you both know what Seher is going through? Param says Karan is always right for you. Kulawnt says for now I only care about Seher. If you both give her more tension I will hit you both with my slipper. You both have seen my love not anger. Go to your rooms.

Scene 2
Rajveer wakes up next to Seher. She’s holding his hand. The song aj din chadheya. Rajveer says I will be independent for your happiness. He walks out himself. Seher wakes up and looks for Rajveer. Rajveer practices walking on the stairs. Rajveer comes to the balcony. He comes near the edge. Seher sees him from the garden.

Seher gets scared. She says he will get scared and fall if I say anything. Seher comes upstairs. Seher sees Rajveer at the edge. He keeps walking. Seher runs to him. Seher holds and hugs him. Rajveer says what happened? Seher says came to say good morning. Seher says what were you doing? He says practice.

Rajveer says I can hear your heartbeat and feel your tears. You look scared. Seher says I am not scared. I came running. He says don’t lie. Rajveer says my life is a burden on you. Seher says we will both fix it together. We are each other’s strength. Param and KAran are together to help us. Mama and papa would be happy to see us. Rajveer hugs her. He says I will not let a single tear come to you. Time to go to Harleen.

Scene 3
Rajveer comes to Harleen. He says this perfume won’t take away the smell of your sin. You remember your promise? She says I am waiting for the right time. He says we don’t have time. She says I need Seher’s help. I can’t do it alone. Rajveer says hurry up. She places a pot in his way. Rajveer falls. He says Harleen bua..

She leaves. Seher says what are you doing here? This is bua’s room. He says I came here by mistake. Seher says I made food. Let’s go. Rajveer counts the steps. Seher prays for Rajveer. She says I can’t see him like this.

Seher says to Kulwant I can’t see Rajveer like this. He was about to fall from the balcony. I am really worried. I spoke to all the doctors. He doesn’t wanna live like this. The surgery is very dangerous. Kulwant says you’ve to be strong for him. Seher says I will get him treated. there must be some way. Kulwant says we can try herbal medicine. Your mom believed in it. Seher says but I know nothing about it. Kulwant says Meher’s guru ji can help us. He knows everything about herbal treatment. We can go to him.

Scene 3
A man is brought to guru ji. He cries and says let me go. Guru ji reds a mantra on him. Kulwant says no one can stop guru ji. Guru ji throws sand on his face. He even healed people who lost all the hopes. Meher learned it from him. Guru ji treats the guy. Kulwant says guru ji can heal Rajveer. This says I will try it for Rajveer.


Choti Sardarni 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Seher comes to guru ji and says I am Meher Kaur’s daughter. Please help me heal my husband. He says go from here. I don’t want to see your face.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2022
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