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Choti Sardarni 5th January 2021 Sarab says what do you want to prove? This is just your doubt. A guest was questioned in this house. I am insulted in this house. Meher says don’t you trust me? I will ask Arti in person. Sarab says please stop it. Meher leaves. Sarab locks the door. Sarab says I won’t come. I can’t get insulted. Meher says don’t do drama. He says it’s created already.

Kulwant says where is Sarab? Meher says washroom. Karan cries. Meher says your papa isn’t coming. Param says papa Karan is crying. Please come. Sarab runs downstairs. He says papa mama is busy. Sarab comes downstairs. He picks Karan.

Meher says to Jagga I want to talk to you. Meher says bhabhi told you don’t want her to work. What’s wrong with that? Jagga says I pay for everything. I get all the good things. Why does she need to work? Meher says God has given equal place to man and woman. Mummy ji also worked when daddy ji passed away. Let bhabhi work. Jagga says okay but there would be no coaching center in the house. Mummy ji doesn’t like that. I will think of something else. He says to Amrita why are you sad now? Let’s welcome the new year. Meher makes them hug.

Meher sees Arti and Tarkash in a corner. Tarkash says I told you to do the makeup right. You left this scar right. She says why would I? He says shut up or I will break your face.
Kulwant reads poems. Yuvi completes her poem. Sarab says well done Yuvi. Kulwant says he’s my SIL after all. Meher says you wanted proof right? Come with me. Sarab says okay. Sarab goes with Meher. She see how is he is trying to scare her. Tarkash is holding Arti’s hand. Tarkash says Arti doctor asked you not to take orange juice. Take this one. Meher says he’s doing a drama. This is all acting. Just one minute ago he was threatening her. Sarab says if you want to embarrass me, I will leave the party. He leaves. Tarkash grasps Arti’s shoulder.

Scene 2
Bitu says mummy ji you’re respected a lot in the Gill mansion since things solved between you and Meher. Amrita and Jagga come. Kulwant says look very happy? Jagga says I spoke to Meher. She told me the right thing. If Amrita wants to work, what’s wrong with that? Kulwant says it’s in Meher’s hand.

Meher looks at the kids. Yuvi is telling them stories. Tarkash’s daughter is with them. Meher asks her how did your mom get that bruise? She looks at Tarkash. He gives her a look. She recalls he said if you say anything your mom would be beaten. She goes from there. Tarkash says I told you they’re shy. Meher asks the kids to play with Ritu. Param says Ritu will you play with us? Yuvi says Meher bua said, even her dad would have to play. Yuvi says come Ritu, let me show you our toys.

Tarkash says to Arti what were these women saying? She says nothing. He says where is your attention? Your daughter is playing with Param. Bring her here and tell everyone you have a headache and you want to go home. Harleen says Arti where are you going? She says I.. Harleen says why are you worried? Tarkash says she’s shy. She was going to the washroom. Ajay tells Harleen Robbie is here.

Kids ask Ritu don’t you smile? She says papa doesn’t like it. Yuvi says you don’t smile when your friends say a joke? She says I don’t have a friend. Param says let me video call my friends.

Harleen comes out. Robbie hugs her and says I missed you so much. I know you didn’t invite but it’s the new year. How will you answer when people question? I will apologize to Sarab. Please we should be together. Harleen says are you out of money and that’s why you’re here? He says it’s not like that. Harleen says I don’t want you to spoil everything. He says it wasn’t my fault. Harleen says take this 20k and go from here. And yes, I will handle people.

Ritu watches cartoons with kids. She laughs. She says papa doesn’t allow watching cartoons. Arti looks at her and says I am seeing you smile after so many years. I can get beaten for this smile. Tarkash comes there. They both get scared. Jagga says let’s go bhabhi kids, the program started.

Scene 3
Kulwant starts hosting. She announces the qawali night. Harleen asks Meher is there anything between you two? Meher says no everything is okay. Sarab reads a poem, love gone in the air, the evening is here and people are mad. Harleen says there are two teams. Meher will lead the women’s team and Sarab will leave the men’s team. Harleen says do your fight in the qawali. The one who loses has to agree with the other one.


Choti Sardarni 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher sings kajra re and dances. Sarab and men join them. Sarab says Tarkash can’t do anything like that. Meher shows him Arit’s bruises and says now you believe? She slaps Tarkash.

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