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Choti Sardarni 5th April 2021 Sarab shouts get out. I don’t wnat to hear your stories. He holds her hand and drags her out of the house. Sarab says we always respect our guests and consider them God. But if I knew you were the reason of Meher going away from me I would have kicked you out. You knew everything yet you stayed silent. You ruined our happy family. You kept looking at my kids being helpless yet you did this. My Meher is away from me because of you. No one can take Meher’s place. If you dare to give Meher’s love to my kids I won’t forgive you. Sandhya cries and says I know everything is ruined because of me. I don’t want to take Meher’s place. I don’t want to take anyone’s right. I just wanted to save the kids. You can be mad at me. But please don’t be mad at the kids. Sarab says what do you want? You have taken all our happiness. Please go from away from here. Just leave.

Sandhya leaves. She cries outside. Kulwant comes. She looks at Sandhya. Kulwant says what happened?

Param says did you know what you did? You left the house. I went once and was kidnapped. Karan says mama spoke to us through mama’s friend. Seher says where is mama’s friend. sarab shouts no one will take her name again in this house. Seher cries. He says sorry. Seher says mama isn’t here and you’re scolding. Seher leaves.

Sandhya cries and says forgive me Meher ji. If I knew this would ruin your family I won’t have asked for help. I should leave this city. Everything is over. I have ruined your happy family. I will leave this family.

Scene 2
Sarab breaks things in anger. Harleen says why are you doing this? Meher is no more. Sarab says she is here. She will come back. Kukwant also cries. Harleen says how long will you do this? He says until I hug Meher. Harleen says Meher has left the world. Sarab says Meher can never leave me. She will come back for me and the kids. Kulwant cries and says I wish that could be true but she won’t ever come back. You did her funeral. They cry. Kulwant says you have to accept it.

Scene 3

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Telecast Date:5th April 2021
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