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Choti Sardarni 4th June 2021 Seher asks why do we apply mehndi? Kulwant says let me tell you. Kulwant says the color of mehndi tells the strongest bond between husband and wife. It gives the husband a long life. Sarab says if Mehndi’s color is light then does the groom die? Meher says what are you saying. Kulwant says don’t say such a thing. May you get my life as well. Kulwant asks Meher what’s in the file? Meher says my detective told me 4 names he doubts. Kulwant says don’t worry. Let me keep the file in your room. Meher says no, I want to know the names. Please read. Kulwant opens the file and reads Runpeet Singh, Prabhojat, Jaspal and last name is hers. She stops. Meher asks what’s the last name?

Kulwant spills mehndi on the paper. She acts like Yuvi shoved her. Kulwant says oh this paper is ruined. She tries to clean it and rubs the name. Meher says what was the 4th name? Kulwant says I was about to read it. I don’t know what it was Harleen asks everyone to join them. She says Ms. Saina Arora terro card reader is joining us.

Saina gives cards to everyone. Dolly’s card says don’t differentiate between blood. No one can part brothers. Meher’s says the secret that you want to know is close to you. Kulwant’s falls on her lap. Kulwant reads, how many sins will you do? Be fearful or you will have to go to a bad place. Meher says I have to find out what the fourth name was. She goes inside to call the detective. Sarab reads his card. It says you can’t hide secrets from your own shadow. She will know so better not to hide.

Scene 2
Meher calls the detective and asks him the fourth name. Sarab cuts the call. Meher says why? Sarab says our relationship is based on truth. We never hid anything from each other and it will be the same now. You deserve to know the truth. Do you want to know that name? Sarab says that name is written on your hands. Meher sees her hands. Meher reads the name.. She says Kulwant Kaur? Meher is in tears. She can’t believe it. Sarab says yes. Mummy ji was driving that truck. Kuwlwant Kaur. Meher cries. She’s shocked. Meher tries to wipe the name but she can’t. Meher cries. Meher cries and says mummy ji? No. How can she? Sarab tries to console her. Meher cries and says please tell me it’s a lie. Sarab says it’s the truth. The person who was helping you is the culprit. I suspected the day she gave the wrong number to the RTO officer. Then I checked the list and found out Yuvi didn’t have the band. He crashed and came in. His band was with mummy ji. Bitu and Rana hit that shopkeepers and that night I saw mummy ji trying to erase the proof.

Meher says but you knew for 2 days? Why didn’t you tell me? Sarab says I didn’t want to upset you. But I couldn’t let her carry on with her sins. Meher says and I was taking her help? She was fooling me. I thought she had changed with time. But I was wrong. Kulwant Kaur can never change. Meher falls on the sofa. Sarab gives her water.

Seher says let’s plugin new songs. Meher says I will expose Kulwant Kaur right now. Sarab says how? We don’t have any proof. We have to trap her in her own game so she confesses herself. We will punish her for her sins. I have an idea but no one should know about it. We don’t have room for mistakes this time. Harleen comes there. She says let’s go everyone is waiting. What are you doing here? sarab says she needed some help, she has mehndi on. Meher says I am so excited about sangeet. Harleen says me too. Sarab says we have planned a special dance. Kulwant looks at them. Kulwant says I thought he came here to tell her something related to me. Wonderful ji wonderful. She leaves. Sarab says in sangeet, we will expose mummy ji.

Scene 3
Robbie starts the event. He says the first performance is by Param, Karan, and Seher. The kid dance on kab se aye hain tere dulhay raja. Meher and Sarab clap and enjoy. Meher and Sarab join them on the stage.

Robbie announces the next performance is a surprise performance that is dedicated to someone. Meher and Sarab are coming on the stage. Sarab says you will hear the story of true love today. But an evil person wants to harm their lives. Let’s see how that culprit is exposed today. Kulwant is shocked.


Choti Sardarni 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarab and Meher dance on a song that exposes Kulwant. They recall all that she did.

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