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Choti Sardarni 4th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 4th January 2021 Meher invites Tarkash for the party. She says you will bring your wife and daughter. He says she is shy. Meher says I don’t know anything you have to come.

Yuvi steals money. Amrita says do you have any shame? You’re stealing? He says you are a thief yourself. You stole dadi’s chain and gave it to nani. Jagga shouts and is about to slap him. Kulwant says don’t even dare to touch my grandson. Your wife gave all the gold to her brother. Amrita says I only gave the jewelry that was my gift. It was mine. Kulwant says she started coaching classes here. She called everyone? Jagga shouts is that true?

Sarab thinks about what Meher said. Param tries to talk to him. He says go from here. Meher comes in. Param says is your mood off too? Sarab says she would be happy. She did spying. Sarab says are you happy you? Did you spy?

Tarkash hits arti and says did you speak to Meher? He hits her. She says yes. Tarkash says so she came here to look for proofs? Sarab says do you have proofs? MEher says when I went there Tarkash was worried. Everything was messed in the house. SArab says kids play. Meher says there was blood on his hands. Sarab says did you ask? Meher says he said he was cutting fruits. Sarab says see. If you prove, I will get him punished. But I know you won’t be able to find proof. Meher says he won’t bring his wife and daughter here. Sarab says what does that prove? We shouldn’t interfere in their matter. Meher says I will prove my point in the party.

Scene 2
Jagga throws money on bed and says take all this money. Why did you have to do this? Amrita says why should I ask you for money for my family? Daddy died. How will Lucky survive? If I want to work and help my family what’s wrong with that? You do the same. He says shut up. Women and men are different. I wanted to keep you as a queen and now people will says I am making you work. Never do anything like that again. Yuvi says papa, don’t talk to mummy like this. He says sorry mummy. Kulwnt comes and says we have to go to Meher’s place.

Scene 3
The party starts. Harleen gives candies to Meher. Kulwant and everyone come. Sarab is wearing shades. Meher comes as well. Kulwant says my daughter looks so pretty. Sarab looks at Meher. Sarab’s jaw drops. Param says papa shut the mouth. Meher says I wanted to talk. He says say sorry. Meher says why would I? He says because you’re wrong. Meher says you’re wearing different shoes. Sarab is shocked. He says this is style. Latest fashion. Kulwant says I will wear the same and call it style. Sarab goes inside. Meher laughs.

Meher says I know we are upset but we can’t show it to the world. We have to be normal in front of everyone. He says you give two many advice. She says okay I won’t. He repeats her words. He says your forecasts are wrong these days. Meher says I don’t see Tarkash around. He will call and say Sarab I can’t come. He can’t bring his injured wife. Tarkash comes in with Artu and his daughter. Arti is well dressed. Meher is shocked. Arti is smiling. Sarab says to Meher is her smile a lie as well? Arti recalls Tarkash slapped her and asked her to do makeup. Sarab says all of this is a lie? Their daughter looks happy as well. She recalls Tarkash said if she opens her mouth he will beat her mother. Meher asks Arti what is this scar on your face?

Episode ends.


Choti Sardarni 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tarkash says to Arti I told you to do the makeup right. Meher overhears. Meher says to Sarab come with me. Tarkash is being rude to Arti.

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