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Choti Sardarni 3rd September 2021 Seher and Rajveer are on their way. He calls Harshdeep and says Seher and I have decided something. We want to tell you our decision. They come in. Badi bi says Seher you condition? What is all this? You jewelry? It’s all in Rajveer’s hands. She makes her wear it. Badi bi is worried. Ramila asks what is going on? Where were you both? Param says Didi ji said you both were at the roof. Karan says are you okay? Is there any problem. A woman asks why did you leave your own sangeet? Harshdeep and Nikhil come. Rajveer holds Seher’s hand.

Rajveer sits at Harshdeep’s feet and says I know this wedding matters a lot to you dida but this wedding.. Everyone is shocked. Rajveer gets a call. He says Seher your phone.. Seher goes out. Dida says this phone will change your life Seher. A man says to Seher get 10 crores ready if you want to save Kunal. I will tell you where to bring the money. He sends her a photo of Kunal. Seher cries. Dida asks Rajveer why are you so worried? He says me.. Seher drops his phone. Ramila says what is it Rajveer? Rajveer comes to Seher and picks her phone. He sees Kunal’s photo in that condition. He’s shocked. Seher is feared.

Param and Karan ask Seher what is it? Why are you so worried? Rajveer holds Seher’s hand. She is scared. Rajveer says actually.. We had an argument then you know how wives get angry. She was so mad. Then I realized it was my mistake. So I asked Nikhil to get everyone in the hall so I can apologize in front of Dida and everyone. He says sorry Seher. I made a mistake. I will never argue with you. Please forgive me. Rajveer says I think I will have to convince her in person. I am coming in a bit. He takes Seher inside. Harshdeep smiles.

Scene 2
Seher video calls the watchman. Rajveer says who are you? What do you want? Why did you kidnap Kunal? Where is he? He shows Kunal tied and injured. Seher screams and cries. Seher says Kunal.. Can you hear me? Kunal it’s me. Seher. Talk to me please. Seher.. Kunal can’t speak. Rajveer says nothing will happen to you Kunal. I am coming. We won’t let anything happen to you. He cries. Rajveer says you don’t know who I am. The man says I know you are CM’s brother. So I am saying again. If you inform the police, I will send his dead body. Rajveer asks what do you want? He says 10 crores. You have time till tomorrow. Seher says I will give you 10 crore. But if anything happens to my Kunal I won’t leave you. Seher cries. Seher says I will arrange this money. I won’t let anything happen to Kunal. She cries.

Scene 3
Anurita says I didn’t get your plan. 10 crore isn’t a big deal for them. She says I have fought many such battles to become a CM. I know how to play my game.

Seher cries and says we have to save Kunal but how. We have to arrange the money. She cries. Rajveer hugs her and says calm down, please. Seher sobs. He says time isn’t with us but God is. We won’t lose. Seher says but.. It’s our mehndi and then the wedding. What if we.. He says don’t worry. I am there with you. We will try arranging the money before the wedding. I promise you. Rajveer will be with you before our wedding.

Scene 4
Rajveer asks his lawyer and says we can’t even arrange 10 crores? He says you got a hotel last week. Dida says to Rajveer says how much money do you want? He says in his heart I can’t tell her the reason. She will involve the police. Harshdeep asks what happened? Tell me how much money do you want? He says I wanted to get a gift for Seher. I have money. Don’t worry. Dida says you love her a lot right? Give her a good gift. She leaves. Rajveer texts Seher couldn’t arrange from my account. I will arrange it somehow.

Seher says to Rajveer you have done enough favors on me. I will manage it. I will do something. I will ask Karan and Param for loan and return it later. Karan shouts on call how can they seal our accounts? It’s our sister’s wedding. The lawyer says they have frozen your accounts because the case is on going. Seher says to Badi bi there’s no hope. How will I save Kunal now? I feel like all doors shut on me. I try to stay positive but I can’t anymore. Badi bi says have faith. Seher cries in her lap.

Scene 5
Seher comes to a shop to sell her jewelry. Rajveer calls her. He says don’t worry. I have spoken to many people. We will arrange the money. You won’t have to get my name’s mehndi on your hand. I will arrange the money before that. Don’t worry. Dida hears it and says Seher will only have mehndi of your name. You will come to this ceremony happily.

Seher says you relax. I have arranged the money. He says how? She says I am selling my mom’s jewelry. He says what? Are you mad? You can’t do that? Where are you? Seher says there’s no other way. He asks where are? She tells the shop’s name. She says I am coming there. A man says Seher ji.. CM’s to be wife. The man says Didi’s to be DIL. It will be all free of cost. Didi has done so much for Punjab. Seher and Rajveer’s photos are on all the papers. They take selfies. Seher says if they find out I am selling this jewelry they will make it a news and Kunal’s life can be in danger. She leaves with her jewelry.

Mausi ji says to Dida we will give Seher 10 crore as shagun. Rajveer hears it and stops. Dida smiles.


Choti Sardarni 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer says to Seher the problem is solved. Mausi ji will give you 10 crores shagun. Seher says I am sorry but I can’t take this shagun.

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