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Choti Sardarni 3rd June 2021 Dolly says I sure he hit Param. He broke my trophy as well. Param saved him and see what he did. Now he will do the same to you. Seher says I shoved him. Dolly says okay then if it’s your mistake, you will be punished. Go and stand in the sun with your hands up. Kulwant says how dare you punish my Seher? Kids make mistakes. Dolly asys I know Karan did this. Kulwant says are you a God? Dolly says shut up. Kulwant says you shut

Scene 2
The doctor checks Param. She says there’s no infection. He will be fine. Param says I look so bad How will I become sarbala without a tooth? People will call me toothless sarbala. Meher says no one will say that. The doctor will implant a new tooth. Param cries and says I want y own tooth not artificial.

Scene 3
Karan comes in crying. He says thank you for saving me Seher. I would have been punished. Seher says because of you Param lost his tooth. It will never come back. Don’t ever talk to me. I won’t eat or play with you. Karan says please listen. Seher says take your toys and go from here. Karan cries and says I didn’t want to fight. Param stole my sehra and teases me all the time. Why does everyone have a problem with me? no one thinks about me. I only get scolded. Is there anything wrong with me? Is my face bad? Everyone hates me. You are also hating me now. How would you feel if someone treated you this way? Seher cries. Karan says should I leave this house? Seher I can’t live without you or Param. I love you both so much. I can’t see you both fighting. I feel bad when anything happens to anyone of. Seher hugs him. Karan says I am sorry Seher. I know Param is hurt. He must be in pain.

Param is on his way back.

Scene 4
Bitu says Rana get the pendrive out. Rana says you had it. Bitu tries to find it but he can’t. He says I dropped it somewhere. Kulwant comes there. She has the Pendrive. Kulwant says what’s in it? Bitu says old songs. Kulwant says I will break your bones if I find anything. I will see what’s in it. Plug it. Bitu and Rana plug in the Pendrive and show Kulwant the photos. Bitu says see these are just photos Kulwant says what’s that video? Play it. SAarab calls Kulwant says did he find anything? Why is he calling me? Kulwant picks. Meher says it’s me. I forgot my phone. What was the name of your dentist? Please send his number. We want to take a second opinion. Kulwant says sure.

Yuvi takes the Pendrive and says they steal everything. I will give it back to Karan. Kulwant asks where i*\9
6 the pendrive? Bitu says it was right here. Kulwant says where did it go?

Scene 5
Sarab and Meher come home with Param. Sarab says param, it was just an accident. Karan fell because of Seher. It happened. So many balloons come his way. Param picks a balloon, it says sorry Param Veer ji. Param blows it. Sarab shows him a chart that says we are so upset. Meher mama said the truth should never be hidden. If we make a mistake we should acknowledge and ask for pardon. I will confess that Seher didn’t. I shoved you. Meher and Sarab are shocked. Seher and Karan come out. Karan is holding his ears. Seher says Karan made a mistake. His sehra was lost. Karan says I am sorry Param Veer ji. Meher says Param, will you forgive your brother? Dolly says Karan broke his tooth and now saying sorry? What if he breaks Param’s head tomorrow? Will you say the same then? Harleen says Momsi is right. Will Param live with a fake tooth all his life? Sarab says what should we do now? Hit Karan? Harleen says ask your Meher ji. She’s the wisest right? Meher says they are just kids. I know they love each other. They can’t live away from each other. Doly says to leave it Meher. Param says it’s okay Karan. Robbie says Meher, you brought them up so well. There can never be a difference between them. God give kids like these to everyone. They all hug each other.

Scene 6
The Mehdi event starts. Meher comes. The song mehndi hai rachnay wali plays. Sarab reads a poem for her. Dolly says let’s start the ritual. The detective comes in. Kulwant asks who are you? He says the detective Meher ji hired. Kulwant asks the maid to take care of the detective. Meher says where is your focus Sarab? See my palms. He says our lines are alike. Meher says so are our hearts. Put mehndi on my hands. He says me? Meher says yes you. Sarab applies mehndi on Meher’s and. The detective sits in the corner. He comes to Meher and says this list has all the names we have suspicion one. It’s confidential. There are 4 suspects’ names. The attacker is one of them. Sarab looks at Kulwant. Sarab in heart I don’t care if it has your name or not mummy ji. I know it’s you and I will expose you soon.


Choti Sardarni 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarab says to Meher the of that attacker is on your hands. Kulwant Kaur. Sarab and Meher dance on behroopiye around Kulwant.

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