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Choti Sardarni 31st January 2020 Episode Start With Sarab says you will all know what Meher has done to be Choti Sardarni. He shows a video of Meher saving them everywhere. He says when she fought in Serbia I felt like she is Sunny Deol’s sister. She made a great mother for Param. No words can define her motherhood. I would give her a Nobel prize if I could. I can’t believe how can once person be this nice. But she’s very special. She cares for everyone. That makes her super special.

Sarab says I am really proud of Meher. If Meher wasn’t there, we would have auctioned our house. Sarab says we almost lost our Param. But he is here because of Meher only. She risked her life to save my Param. Thank you Meher. And this is your reward. You are a face of God in our lives. You have always been there for us. Harleen is jealous. Sarab says I will always be grateful. He holds his hand. Sarab says di, did you like this surprise? I am sure you’re the happiest. I am so glad to see your care for Meher. Harleen nods. Sarab says thank you. Sarab says I want you to make Meher wear the Choti Sardarni title. He gives it to Harleen.

Harleen takes the necklace. She makes Meher wear it. Param says my mama is Choti Sardarni. Everyone claps. Kumar says to Harleen it feels so awkward. You are brave and a mother too. You have spent day and night to build this hospital. You should have been Choti Sardarni. Kulwant says only DIL can be Choti Sardarni. Kumar says according to me, you were the only Choti Sardarni. Dolly says people become their wife’s slave after marriage. He won’t do anything without Meher’s permission. Robbie says so Meher would decide everything? Kumar says so Meher would decide if I get the ticket? Harleen says Choti Sardarni is just a title. I will get you ticket and I get to decide that. Robbie says in heart I have to be with this Kumar to ruin Sarab’s game.

Kumar says to Kulwant how are you? She says stop buttering. He says you will get the ticket easily but I will have to do so much to get the ticket.

Scene 2
Sarab shows the departments to Meher. Sarab says kids will be shown movies here. This is our prayer room. Param says can I come here with Yuvi? Sarab says of course. Sarab says this is the medicine room. Tarkash says those are being arranged. Kumar says I know a few big pharmaceuticals. My brother in law has it. Fire your current vendor. Harleen says Tarkash finalizes the deal. Meher says shouldn’t we check details of the company first because this is about medicines? Sarab says you’re right. Meher says I only want to check it. Harleen says yeah right. Kulwant says to Kumar, see who decides everything. Harleen can’t sign a tender. He says I know you will get it done for me. Kulwant says you have to say this phrase in front of Harleen.

Robbie says Harleen don’t worry. You have all the responsibility of the hospital. Dolly says their love is only increasing. I think after this delivery Sarab will do nothing without her permission.
Kulwant says to Sarab, I know Kumar for a long time. He’s an honest man. Give tender to his brother in law. Sarab says this is about medicine. We have to investigate first like Meher said.

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Telecast Date: 31st January 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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