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Choti Sardarni 31st December 2020 They dance together. Sarab says the music is over? Meher says what should I do die? She dances on meri koi feeling?

Sarab is upset at Meher. Meher dances on mera dil jalao naa. Sarab and Meher come to Kulwant’s place. Meher plays drum and recalls her moments with Kulwant. The song dilbaru plays. Kulwnt says hug me now. Did you forgive me? Meher says forgive? no. How could I forgive you. I can’t forgive you until you make me a sarsu ka saag. Kulwant cries and says when do you want it? Param says at lunch. Kulwnt says I will make it for you in lunch. Meher hugs Kulwant. Kulwant hugs her and cries. Kulwant says I cried for this moment. She kisses Meher’s forehead and says nothing will come between us ever again. Meher says thank you mummy ji. Kulwant takes Karan. Kulwant says today is her real pagphera. Jagga says one family photo. He takes a family photo.

Param shows the photos to his friends. They play together. Yuvi comes and says get from here. See my 2KG hand. Param says they are my friends. Yuvi says are you okay? They are bad kids. Param says they will be my best friend. Yuvi says what? Meher says yes. Sarab says your car is here. Meher says tarkash will take you to the hostel. Focus on studies. They hug Meher and Sarab.

Arti calls Meher and says save me. You met me at the temple. Meher says where did you go? What happened to you? She says if anything happens to me, he would be responsible. Meher says who? She says I want to meet you. Meher says write my address.. She is about to tell. Sarab collides with her and the phone falls from her hand. Sarab says sorry. I was picking th bag. Meher says her life is in danger. Sarab says who? Meher says the same woman I met at the temple. She said she wants to meet me. I was giving her my address. Sarab says relax. Tarkash says I will get it repaired. Sarab takes it and says I will get it fixed. Don’t worry about that woman. I will take care of this matter.

Scene 2
Harleen asks everyone to prepare for Sarab and Meher’s welcome. She calls Robbie and says where are you? Don’t come when Sarab is here. Meher says family photo isn’t on wall. She is very happy. Sarab comes and picks her. Sarab says your brother is here. She says get me down. my brother is back. All the happiness is back in this house. Sarab hugs her and says elder sisters are like mothers. You never let me feel her absence. You’re here, that’s why this is my home. Harleen hugs Meher. Meher says where is Aditi? She says they went back. Harleen says freshen up. I have prepared your favorite dinner. Sarab gets a call. Meher says who was it? You look worried. He says all good. Harleen says go and get fresh.

Sarab gets ready. Param takes his photos. Param says enough papa, you take so many photos. Sarab says one more. Param says your suit isn’t that cool. Meher comes in. Sarab says change your dress. Meher says the dinner is in the house only. He says so what? How long does it take to change a dress? Meher says 15 minutes. He says why did you shower then? Why are you drying your hair then? Harleen says to Param eat your favorite pizza. Then this paratha. Param says we should never waste food. I learned that from the nest game. Harleen says it’s okay. It’s over. Meher comes wearing the dress Sarab asked her to wear and says never forget what you learn. Meher says things happen for good. Our Param is so wise now. Harleen says we have everything, he isn’t even eating properly. Meher says to Sarab here’s the paratha. He says pass me the pasta. Meher says how do I look di? Harleen says beautiful as always. Sarab is ignoring her. Meher dances around Sarab on acha ji mein hari. Sarab dances as well. Arti calls.

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