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Choti Sardarni 30th May 2022  Episode starts with Mannat asking Zoravar to cut something thinking it as the birthday cake and says your mother will get glad that you have celebrated your birthday. She says your mother is with you or not, but she will always love you and will wish to see you happy, and her blessings will be always on you.

Zoravar looks on. Mannat asks what is the type of cake, he wants? He says candles. Mannat makes him see fireflies sparkling in the jungle and smiles. She says a firefly comes and sit on the assumed cake.

Mannat says your Mamma is happy and might be seeing you. He says even your Mamma might be happy that you met with your family. He says I want to say something and says I didn’t get anything published about me and didn’t insult you in Panchayat meeting.

He apologizes. Mannat says even I haven’t burnt that logo and was fighting for those people’s home, as I couldn’t see them getting homeless. She holds her ears and says sorry. Zoravar smiles. They begin eating. Mannat says you shall get hiccups. He gets hiccups and asks if she used to curse him, and says you have black tongue. Mannat goes near him and asks if he don’t like her cursing.

He is surprised with her gesture and his hiccups go. He says I will tell you what I can do. He sings song. Mannat looks at him. He stops singing. Mannat says one work is needed, as I have to tie you, as you are habitual to sleep walk. He asks how do you know? She says Kiara told me. He says I don’t trust you, if you run away leaving me here.. She say she will not leave her team member.

She ties the cloth to her hand also. He says I can’t sleep like this, as I play game or chess before sleeping. Mannat says we are sleeping in jungle and asks if it is less challenging for him. She says I am a game for you and plays tic tac toe. She says I have a riddle to ask you and tells it. He says watch. She says it is not the answer, and asks him to think and tell her, till then she will sleep. They lie down to sleep.

In the morning, Kulwant tells that the day is over, we shall inform someone. Jeeto gets upset. Jeeto’s mother tells that she has sent goons to kill Mannat, and if Zoravar comes between then they will kill him too. Jeeto recalls Bittu’s love for Mannat. Zoravar and Mannat wake up.

Mannat takes away the dry leave from his shoulder. They hear someone coming. The goons are coming. Zoravar says we can take their help to get out from there. Zoravar looks at the goons and identifies them to the attacker in the truck who wanted to kill Mannat. Mannat asks if there is anyone here.

Zoravar keeps hand on her mouth and makes her quiet. The goons search them. Zoravar and Mannat are lied down with the dry leaves on them, to hide themselves. The goon steps on her hand. Zoravar keeps hand on her mouth so that she don’t shout. The goon says we shall not leave that girl Mannat and shall kill her. They go. Mannat tells Zoravar that she don’t know what is their enmity with her.

She asks him to stay away from her, else they will be behind him too. She falls on him. They have an eye lock. They get up to go. Mannat frees his hand and asks him to go and live his life. The goon shoots at her.

Mannat and Zoravar see the bullet hitting the tree. Zoravar holds her hand and runs. The goons continue to shoot at them, while they are running still. They hide beneath the bridge. The goons come there and search them.

Kulwant asks Jeeto’s mother to ask her goons to stay away from Zoravar and Mannat. Jeeto’s mother calls the goon. The goon says they are about to do the work. Mannat and Zoravar are captured by the goons. The goon says we are paid to kill her, but you will die with her. Mannat and Zoravar look at each other.

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Telecast Date:30th May 2022
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