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Choti Sardarni 30th December 2021 Seher hears local market seller. Rajveer says thats gol market. I am coming. Seher says the car has stopped. Rajveer says I am coming. Seher sends him the location. Seher says I am really worried for Karan. I want to be with him. Please save me. The media asks Karan how do you feel that you are not head of Punjab Dal and Param is? Karan says no comments.

Kulwant says we will answer you after inauguration. Seher says people try to take benefit of our family. The media says did you falsely accuse Param of hitting you and got him arrested? Are you an outsider? He is Gill blood so he has right on this legacy. That’s why you attacked him? Kulwant says shut up. The reporter shoves her. Karan hits them and says how dare you touch my nani. The media reports him behaving like that.

Param says I am sure it’s Karan. Harleen says how can he come ehre. She gets a text from goon that they’ve picked Kulwant. There was one guy with her.. Harleen says Karan got here. Rana and Bitu try to calm Karan down. Param says see what’s next. Harleen sees Kulwant. She is shocked. Param says time for my speech. Harleen says who did they kidnap then?

Scene 2
Seher says where are you? Rajveer says I am coming. He gets on a truck. Seher says they’ve stopped again. Rajveer looks around for the car. Seher sends him the location. Seher says I am fainting. they’re getting out of the car. Rajveer says I am coming. They can’t do anything. The goon says to other let’s have tea first. Seher says they’ve gone to have to tea. We have only this time.

Seher turns on her phone’s light. Seher says please come. Rajveer says I am coming. She tries to open the door. Rajveer says think about the house on mountains for us. Please try to open the door so we can live together forever. I am coming. Seher triesx to open the door the goons lock it. Seher says they’re back. Our time is over. Rajveer says nothing would happen don’t worry.

rajveer runs on the roads looking for Rajveer. Kulwant calls Seher. Seher cuts the call. She says to KAran Seher must be coming. Rajveer comes at the location. There are many cars. Rajveer tries to look around. The car has stopped at a signal. Rajveer tries to open the trunk. The goons hit him and take him to the other car too. Seher says Raj? Are you okay? They take his phone.

Scene 3
PAram says my dad was Punjab’s pride and as his son I will fulfill his dreams of seeing Punjab happy. I have his blood and I will serve Punjab all my life. People chant for Param. Kulwant says param.. you said it’s our party. He’s only talking about himself. I didn’t want to come. Harleen wonders who did they kidnap.

Rajveer tries to fight the goons. Seher says what’s happening. Rajveer hits them and gets out of the car. Seher says are you okay? Rajveer says I don’t know. Seher says in heart they were the ones I asked to kidnap me. Seher says I don’t know what’s happening Raj. You’re my God’s blessing.

You are always with me. rajveer says I am with you. Seher says how will you get to me. Rajveer says I will, at any cost. Stay strong. Look around. Seher says there is a blue pain box. Rajveer says see if there’s any hole in the car. Seher moves the paint. It falls out of the car. Rajveer says I will follow it. The goons says I forgot paint in the trunk. Rajveer says I am coming Seher. Seher says I love you. I don’t know what would happen. Rajveer says I love you more. You have to fight for me and our love.

The goons open the trunk. They take out the gun. Seher recalls her moments with Rajveer. The goon is about to shoot Seher. They shoot. Rajveer screams. He says Seher.. He cries.


Choti Sardarni 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer comes to the shed. The goons have Seher there. Rajveer tries to look around. They say he can’t even see and he’s here to fight with us. Seher is fainting.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2021
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