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Choti Sardarni 30th December 2020 Aditi cries. Param says you have to pass in this exam. Papa said God is always with us and we should thank him. Param says we are happy here. Mama says to be happy you only need family. And papa says tube well water is our motherland’s water. He gives water to aditi and says you will be all okay when you drink this. He makes Aditi drink water. Aditi hugs him and says I am so sorry Param. Forgive me. You were in so much pain. Forgive me, please. She hugs him. Param wipes her tears. Param says papa ask bua not to cry. Aditi cries. Sarab caresses her face. Aditi says I am so sorry. Sarab hugs her. ADiti says forgive me, please. Your kids had to suffer because of me. I don’t deserve your pardon. I did so wrong. I am so sorry.

Aditi says I did so wrong. She cries. Aditi says to get Vikram’s son I crossed all limits. I am sorry Vikram. I couldn’t get you Karan. Vikram says I don’t wnt Karan. Everyone is shcoked. Vikram says you were doing all this for me right? I don’t wnt Karan now. everyone is shocked. Vikram says to Sarab tell everyone what are you made of? You stood by my son no matter. You always stayed with your family. The one who gives birth isn’t always the father. The one who loves is the real father. I am glad Karan has a father like you. He takes Karan and says I want him to call you papa. He will always be your son. Aditi did all this for me. It’s our both mistake. I apologize to you. You passed this test. Aditi says Sarab brother come home, Gill mansion is waiting for you. Forgive me. Aditi touches his feet. He says our sister’s don’t touch our feet. He says Vikram, Meher always said Manav is a great guy. I saw it today. He hugs Manav.

Sarab says to Harleem please forgive her. She’s our sister. HArleen says you’re a face of God. Harleen hugs both her siblings. Meher says you all proved our family is together and strong. Jagga hugs MEher. Sarab says let’s welcome new year with ahppiness. Kulwant says am I part of this happiness? Am I so bad that you didn’t hug me Meher? SHe cries and says I should die instead. Meher says you say anything. Kulwant says there is no place for me in your life.

Kulwant comes out and cries. Sarab says I know you felt bad but what you did was also wrong. Kulwant says punish me once. I will not suffer every day. I apologize for what I did. I only wanted her to marry a man like you. Was that my mistake? I always respected you. You know how a parent feels. Sarab says Meher ji loves you. She couldn’t ever go away from you. She always talks about you. Kulwant says if you love me Meher hug me once please. Param says mama hug nani. Meher goes inside crying. Kulwant says I tried to be a father and mother for Meher. I couldn’t be either.

Scene 2
Kulwant coms home and cries. Amrita asks Yuvi to cheer Kulwant. He sits with Kulwant. Yuvi says something is missing. She says what? He says smile. Kulwant’s smile. Kulwant says I will never smile. He says your smile will fuse? Lights go off. Kulwant says what is wrong? Someone comes in with drums. Everyone is shocked.


Choti Sardarni 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher and Sarab dance and celebrate at Kulwant’s place.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2020
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