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Choti Sardarni 30th April 2021 Kulwant is leaving. Meher comes in Kulwant’s attire and says stop girl.. Kulwant is shocked. Meher says people come to this house with their choice and leave with my choice. Now you understand? Kulwant says forgive me? Meher says go girl, I forgive you. Kulwant hugs her. Everyone celebrates. They both say wonderful ji wonderful. Kulwant sings Chanda meri chanda.. Meher and Kulwant dance on aja mahi vey. Meher hugs her. Everyone claps. Sameer says we have to go now.

Sandhya’s bidaai is done from the house. All kids hug her. Meher hugs her. Meher says Sandhya have a great life. Sandhya says you too. Harleen hugs her. Harleen says May God give you all the happiness. Sandhya says I will pray the same for all of you. She thanks Sarab. Sandhya touches Kulwant’s feet. Kulwant says take care of yourself.

Scene 2
Seher tells Meher I won fancy dress compeition. I became Meher Kaur. Karan says mama’s friend used to talk to you? Param says to see her birthday photo. We missed you so much. Rana and Bitu tell her that they are running Jagga’s business. Harleen says let’s have dinner. We have made all your favorite dishes. Everyone tells her favorite dishes. Param says what will you eat first? They all try to guess. Kulwant says don’t tease my daughter. Sleep. We have to get up tomorrow. Tomorrow is Mutiyara day. They will all get ready and celebrate tomorrow. This festival is for girls only. Sarab says what? Rana says what have we done? Sarab says we will come for sure. Kulwant says no means no. Sarab says if we aren’t there who will they get ready for? Sarab says they get ready for us. We will come for sure. Bitu and Rana say yes we will. Meher says you can’t. Sarab says what if we do? Meher says then according to the ritual all girls will hit the guys with sticks. Meher says only girls. Kulwant says let’s go eat everyone.

Scene 3
Sarab decorates the room for Meher. Meher says Sardar ji.. What is all this? Sarab burns his hand with the candle. Meher holds his hand and sucks it. Meher says what are you seeing? He says how the entire world is absorbed in these eyes. And your hair, and your lips. They are like rose petals. Your teeth are pearls. Meher laughs. Sarab takes evil eye off her. Meher says take it off both of us so we never part again. Sarab says now something special. Meher says special? Sarab hugs her. He says let’s make this the most special night. Meher says why? He says because today I got my world, my life back. Sarab holds her hand. He pulls Meher close. Meher says tonight.. both of us.. kids will also sleep with us. Sarab coughs and says, kids? They are sleeping there easily. We can sleep here. I decorated this room for you. And there’s a gift for you.

Sarab comes in about dress. Meher says close your eyes. Let me wear it. He says I won’t close my eyes. You did the same with me in the morning and then fooled me. Meher says so am I right now. Meher says no no I mean there were so many people in the morning. But now we are alone. Sarab closes his eyes. Meher says look there. Sarab says I also feel shy. Sarab opens his eyes and says Meher ji.. He turns back and is shocked.

Meher is in bed with the kids. Meher says why are you there at sleep time? Sarab ji.. Why are you counting at sleep time? Did you get homework? The kids laugh. Karan says we will all sleep together. Sarab laughs and hugs them.

Scene 4
Ginni and Jeeto give all day’s lunch to Rana and Bitu. They say why? Jeeto says the function is going to start soon. You’re not allowed in the house. Kulwant gives them sticks and say hit them if they come home. Yuvi says run before you’re all red. Rana says he will also come with us. Kulwant says no he’s a kid.

Sarab hugs the pillow and says Meher ji please don’t go to the mutyara function. What will I do without your all day? Let’s go for a long drive. Param says Meher mama is out in the lawn. Seher says she’s drying her hair.

Meher is drying her hair. Sarab runs out. He collides with Meher. Harleen says what happened? He says nothing. Sarab runs out and sees Meher drying her hair. Sarab says my heart. He says you move the towel and there are knives on my heart.


Choti Sardarni 3rd May 2021 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher gives sticks to the kids and says you will be security. Robbie. Bitu, Rana, and Sarab come outside disguised as girls. Sarab says we will come in at any cose.

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Telecast Date:30th April 2021
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